Female Foodie Kansas City: GlacéFemale Foodie Kansas City: GlacéI was really nervous when I first came to visit Kansas City. I drove out with my now husband (then boyfriend) and his family to visit where he would be going to school for the next four years. No pressure on liking the city. And when I heard of Kansas City, my mind immediately jumped to corn fields and cows. Mind you, we actually live on the Missouri side of Kansas City, which seems cooler for me not having grown up in Kansas City, but the Kansans of Kansas City look down on the Missourians for some reason. I haven’t figured that one out yet.

Anyway, I wasn’t completely sold, but after spending a week in the city, I realized that Kansas City was perfect- particularly after one trip to an ice cream shop. You may think that this is a little silly- determining whether you like a city based on a small ice cream shop? But when we walked into Glacé, I immediately realized that I could be happy in this city, and I would be even happier with Glacé every day.

Female Foodie Kansas City: GlacéFemale Foodie Kansas City: GlacéOne of the best things about Glacé is the flavors. You are immediately struck by the crazy and seemingly odd variety. And because they change them extremely often, you never know what you are going to get when you visit. Last time, they had a tiramisu flavor that just about changed my life, and this time it was sadly gone. But, the beauty of this change is that instead of sticking with an old favorite, you are forced to choose something new. And this time, I had the pleasure of meeting butterscotch bourbon. It tasted like heaven and a mix of cookies with browned butter. But here are just a few of the other flavors you can choose from when visiting Glacé: organic rose petals and pistachio, goat cheese and Medjool dates, ricotta and fig, hibiscus and candied ginger.

And those are just a few. They may sound like strange flavor combinations, and you may think that they can’t get both of those flavors into an ice cream, but you would be sorely mistaken. Not only do all of the flavors come through amazingly strong, it seems like they are a match made in heaven: a PB&J type connection.

Female Foodie Kansas City: GlacéFemale Foodie Kansas City: GlacéBut, the best and most memorable flavor and the one that I get every time is the Elbow Dark Chocolate. Named after the owner, Christopher Elbow, a Kansas City local and chocolatier. Christopher has created the most wonderful, thick, creamy dark chocolate ice cream. It really is the perfect ice cream: while other ice creams melt under the hot sun, Elbow Dark Chocolate stays perfectly and consistently cold, thick and delicious. Honestly, I’ve given up searching for a better chocolate ice cream because it’s been found. In Glacé. In Kansas City. And, if I can find absolute heaven in Kansas City, I think we are going to be really good friends, this city and I.

Female Foodie Kansas City: GlacéGlacé Artisan Ice Cream (4960 Main St, Kansas City, MO // 816.561.1117)