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The next time you find yourself with a serious craving for pie, here’s your one-stop shop!  I decided to stop by Honeypie in Bay View for brunch and ended up finishing it off with none other than one of their famous slices of pie.  At brunch time, there may be somewhat of a wait.  Trust me, it’s worth it.  And what could be better than a list of a dozen pie options staring you in the face?

Before any pie decisions were made, I started off with a sandwich.  It was the “Mr. Crunchy” to be exact.  This one had ham, Swiss cheese, and whole grain mustard on toasted brioche, topped with THE BEST cheese sauce and had breakfast potatoes on the side.

  I, in true brunch fashion, added the optional egg on top as well.

  Without a doubt, my choice was fantastic.  I wasn’t lying when I said the cheese sauce is beyond perfection, and the pulled ham is so moist that it basically falls apart in your mouth.

Onto the pie…  If you love a strong pistachio flavor, the chocolate pistachio pie is for you!  I can safely say this is not my first rodeo.  Any time I can, I choose this particular pie at Honeypie.  The two flavors are complemented by a mound of creamy, whipped goodness on top, sprinkled with pistachios. No doubt I’ll be back for a slice or two of pie at the next chance I get!

Honeypie (2643 S Kinnickinnic Avenue, Milwaukee, WI // 414.


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