The 13 Best Burgers in Chicago

There are few meals more satisfying than a great big juicy burger, and Chicago has no shortage of mouthwatering options that you can sink your teeth into. Burgers can have an incredibly wide range of variety, from straightforward and simple to upscale and elaborately crafted.

Sink Your Teeth Into the Best Burgers in Chicago

No matter what you’re in the mood for when searching for a burger in Chicago, we believe it should always be of great quality and flavor that you won’t soon forget. It seems like there are endless choices when it comes to burgers in Chicago, and we’re here to help you navigate your way through them with our list of the best burgers in Chicago.

13. Edzo’s Burger Shop

Can a classic, no-frills burger also be delicious and high quality? We say yes! Edzo’s Burger Shop hits the spot when you’re searching for the best burgers in Chicago that are counter-service. Just a few blocks north of Chicago, located in downtown Evanston, the line gets long for a burger at Edzo’s, but it moves quickly and is definitely worth the trip. Their classic griddle burgers never disappoint and there are plenty of other creations for the more adventurous. Add a side of garlic fries and a milkshake to make it a full meal and dig in!

Edzo’s Burger Shop

$$$$ Burgers

1571 Sherman Ave, Evanston, IL 60201 847-864-3396

12. bopNgrill

Sometimes the tastiest and best burgers in Chicago come from the most surprising locations. Korean fast food restaurant, bopNgrill, has a burger menu that stands out. One of their more well-known and inventive burgers is the Duxelle Burger – which we love. It’s stacked with truffled mushrooms, bacon, smoked gouda, and togarashi mayo. The togarashi mayo (mayo blended with a Japanese red chili pepper spice blend) gives the burger a saucy kick that balances out all the richness. We never expected to find such a tasty burger at a counter-service Korean restaurant, but we are here for it!


$$$$ Burgers, Asian Fusion

921 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60657 773-799-8868

11. Pub Royale

While we absolutely adore the relaxed vibe at Pub Royale, we adore their popular Royale with Cheese (insert Pulp Fiction GIF) even more. This burger, featuring thinly-sliced spicy pickles, cheddar, and aioli atop thick, yet juicy patties will not let you down when you’re looking for a satisfying burger that has all the right flavors. Pub Royale is a mix between a British pub and an Inidian eatery complete with exotic decor, exposed brick walls, and a menu influenced by both countries. We recommend getting the burger for yourself and convincing your dining partner to get the fried chicken sandwich — as long as they are willing to share some with you, of course.

Pub Royale

$$$$ Pub, British, Indian

2049 W Division St, Chicago, IL 60622 773-661-6874

10. DMK Burger Bar

There’s no way we could write a post about the best burgers in Chicago without talking about DMK Burger Bar. Two things we love about DMK (among many others): they use 100% grass-fed beef and bison patties (plus all-natural turkey burgers), and THEIR BUNS. So soft and delicious, yet still the type of buns that don’t fall apart due to juicy burger toppings. Two of their most popular burgers are the Big DMK, which we once overheard another customer refer to as “everything a Big Mac wishes it could be”, and the #5 with bison, goat cheese, pickled red onion, and blueberry BBQ sauce. This place isn’t skimpy with their toppings, so glorious flavor is packed into every bite and we can’t help but return to DMK over and over again for our burger fix.

DMK Burger Bar

$$$$ Burgers

2954 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago, IL 60657 773-360-8686


9. Little Bad Wolf

The burger at Little Bad Wolf is an all-hands-on-deck experience. On a nice day walking around the Andersonville shops, getting one of the best burgers in Chicago at Little Bad Wolf should definitely be at the top of your to-do list. Their delicious Wolf Burger has three (three!) thin patties stacked with cheese, crispy onion strings, bacon, and a fried egg — just in case this burger wasn’t extra enough already. There are also one- and two-patty options and you can build your burger up from there if you choose to do so…but why subject yourself to FOMO? Either way, be sure to dip your burger in a bit of the Little Bad Wolf’s red onion mayo for a boost of flavor you didn’t even know you needed.

Little Bad Wolf

$$$$ American (Traditional), Beer Bar, Cocktail Bar

1541 W Bryn Mawr Ave, Chicago, IL 60660 773-942-6399

8. Mindy’s Hot Chocolate

Remember how we talked about delicious burgers coming from surprising locations? Mindy’s Hot Chocolate is known for delicious and decadent hot chocolate concoctions, but they also have a sit-down restaurant with one of the best burgers in Chicago. The best way to get your hands on this burger is to make a reservation, as the wait can get long for walk-in diners. That being said, this is a burger worth waiting for. Insanely tender with spicy pickles and sharp gooey cheddar. You can add bacon and egg, which is always a big “YES!” in our book. The coleslaw is great as a side or on the burger, and the homemade potato chips are super thin and crispy. Both are a nice switch-up from the standard side of fries. Don’t forget to save room for a hot chocolate to-go, complete with a homemade marshmallow on top!

Mindy’s Hot Chocolate

$$$$ American (Traditional), Dessert

1747 N Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60647 773-489-1747

7. Maillard Tavern

Maillard Tavern’s burger is a classic with a twist: two thin patties, melted cheddar, a super-soft bun, crispy onions, and an outstanding bacon onion jam which serves as a welcome burst of flavor hidden under the patties of a deliciously rich burger. The laid-back atmosphere and late hours make it easy to get your hands on one of the best burgers in Chicago whenever the mood (aka the need) strikes. Maillard Tavern is the perfect spot for a quiet Sunday afternoon date or meet-up with a friend.

Maillard Tavern

$$$$ Bar, American (Traditional)

494 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60654 312-766-2727

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6. The Bad Apple

When you want to switch things up and be met with a list of inventive burger toppings, Bad Apple is the place to go. They’ve got a heavy rotation of wildly creative burgers — where else can you order a bone marrow burger with fresh thyme and truffle aioli? “Whoa” doesn’t even begin to cover it. You can’t go wrong with any of the choices at Bad Apple, but we personally love the Fig and Bacon Burger. We also recommend trying Elvis’s Last Supper, piled high with bacon and a hefty mound of homemade peanut butter. It really is as good as the menu insists, so don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

The Bad Apple

$$$$ Burgers, Beer Bar, American (Traditional)

4300 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60618 773-360-8406

5. Kuma’s Corner

Serving up some of the best burgers in Chicago for over 15 years, Kuma’s Corner is a bigtime local favorite. Their menu focuses mainly on burgers, all of which you’ll notice have heavy metal-themed names to match the rock music blaring out of speakers overhead. The service here is always incredible and the burgers are even more so. We’ve never had a less-than-amaaaazing burger at Kuma’s, and we’ve also rarely gone home without leftovers (winning!). We recommend the Yob and the Kaijo, and are also big fans of the Goatsnake, with a poblano corn relish and Cholula lemon vinaigrette. Kuma’s also has an Impossible burger option for our veggie-loving friends  their Converge burger with cherry tomato jam and avocado mash. It’s so delicious, it’s been approved by both herbivores and omnivores alike. There are no reservations at Kuma’s Corner, so be prepared to wait a while for a table during lunch and dinner rushes, especially if you’re at their original location in Logan Square. We promise it’s worth it!

Kuma’s Corner

$$$$ Pub, Burgers

2900 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60618 773-604-8769

4. Au Cheval

A list of the best burgers in Chicago would simply be incomplete without the burger at Au Cheval. We can’t help but drool over this gourmet diner burger in the West Loop made with extra-thick bacon, oozy egg, and homemade pickles to boot. Both Chicagoans and out-of-towners are obsessed with this burger, and rightfully so, because it always hits the spot. This is a burger worth waiting for, but if you can’t stand the wait, be sure to get there early so you can curb your craving in a timely manner.

Au Cheval

$$$$ Bar, Burgers, American (Traditional)

800 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60607 312-929-4580

3. Owen & Engine

The burger at Owen & Engine is a special experience. This mouthwatering hunk of a burger is the chef’s imagining of a comforting Sunday roast in burger form with brisket and short rib blended into the patty. And they nailed it! You can add toppings if you’re so inclined, but they recommend ordering as-is with just the heaping pile of caramelized onions on top. This burger truly doesn’t need any other toppings: the meat is full of flavor, the caramelized onions are the perfect blend of salty and sweet, and the homemade potato roll bun just puts it over the top.

Owen & Engine

$$$$ Gastropub, British

2700 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60647 773-235-2930

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2. The Loyalist

As its name suggests, The Loyalist burger is one you’ll be loyal to after just one bite. A blend of short rib, chuck, and ground bacon with onion-infused mayo, cheese, pickles, and onions on top make for a pretty astounding burger to fall in love with. The fries on the side with vinegar and chili aioli are the perfect complement to what is without a doubt one of the best burgers in Chicago. We definitely recommend making your way to this incredible West Loop restaurant for a cozy date fueled by one of the best bites you can find in the city.

The Loyalist

$$$$ American (New), Seafood

177 N Ada St #001, Chicago, IL 60607 773-913-3774

1. Mott St

Our number one choice when it comes to the best burgers in Chicago is indisputably the signature burger at Mott St. This Asian-fusion restaurant takes their burger to the next level with extra-crispy shredded sweet potato and pickled jalapeños. It’s just the right blend of salty and rich flavors with a satisfying crunch. This is a burger you’ll need two hands (and two napkins) to dig into, but we aren’t complaining. Chicago has its fair share of out-of-this-world burgers, but the Mott Burger is one that should not be missed!

Mott St

$$$$ Asian Fusion, Bar, Breakfast & Brunch

1401 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60622 773-687-9977

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