Breakfast in London: Duck and WaffleBreakfast in London: Duck and WaffleIf a view is what you like with your breakfast, then Duck and Waffle is the place to go! Iconic for its breakfast and the best views over the entire city 40 floors up. It’s open 24 hours a day and on most Londoners’ to do lists. 

Breakfast in London: Duck and WaffleAfter taking a million pictures of the view we eventually ordered! I went for the very fancy sounding ‘duck egg en concotte’, which is Duck and Waffle’s version of egg and soldiers (or dippy eggs depending on where you come from).

Breakfast in London: Duck and Waffle Translation: a baked egg in loads of bubbling Gruyere cheese, truffle oil, and wild mushrooms, served with a side of bread soldiers to dip and mop up until the plate is clean. I think my yearly intake of cheese is in this meal but it’s so worth the calories you really won’t care!

Breakfast in London: Duck and WaffleBreakfast in London: Duck and WaffleBreakfast dessert should be a thing because I don’t know if its just me, but I always need sweet after savoury. We ordered some banana brûlée waffles with vanilla ice cream, crushed peanuts and, wait for it- HOMEMADE NUTELLA. YES IN CAPITALS!

Breakfast in London: Duck and WaffleI’m not saying this is your everyday cafe and sometimes there’s nothing better than a full English breakfast in the local café served with extra greasy goodness, but Duck and Waffle is somewhere *everyone* needs to go at least once. So rock your jeans (or a dinner jacket, no-one cares), make your way up to floor 40, and order poached eggs on toast for a mere £7. Or simply visit if you’re in the mood for a buttery croissant, an cuppa tea … and the view!! Whatever you get, it’ll be no doubt incredible!

Duck & Waffle (Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London // 20.3640.7310)

Photos & Writing: Charlotte Moulder
London Female Foodie