London: Chicken Shop

Hands up who loves a Nandos? Yes, me too! For anyone reading this who doesn’t know what Nandos is, it’s a chain of Portuguese chicken restaurants that’s quick, casual and very tasty! The kind of place that if your meeting up with a friend for food it usually ends up with ‘Fancy a Nandos?’ If your in the mood for chicken but fancy somewhere a bit different, Chicken Shop is a good choice. Or as I call it … Posh Nandos!

The concept at Chicken Shop is simple. Quarter, half or whole rotisserie chicken with a choice of 4 sides and their own special sauces. They also do some proper homemade, comforting desserts too – warm brownies, lemon tart and the BEST apple pie I’ve EVER tasted.

So firstly we need to talk about the corn on the cob.

Dieters look away now! They bring it to the table and ask do you want hot garlic butter on it. If you do (who doesn’t!), they stand and pour it all over until its swimming in butter. So what have we learnt here? ALWAYS SAY YES!

You know what you also need to say yes to? The deep filled apple pie! Again, they bring it to the table and spoon it out of these huge pie dishes. Its crunchy and gooey and cinnamony (if that’s a word!) I would go back just for that alone.

You really can’t fail with chicken so it’s pretty much the perfect place for anyone (maybe except vegetarians!). Not to mention its actually quite healthy! (except for garlic butter part).  It’s pretty chilled and a really good place for a date night, quick midweek dinner or weekend feast with a few drinks and a mate or two.


Chicken Shop (199-206 High Holborn, London WC1V 7BD // 020.7661.3040)

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