wl-9By now, you may be able to tell that we like fries.

I think any foodie can safely say that fries are little gifts from heaven and that they will go out of their way to find a place with yummy fries. So, when we kept hearing about the best fries in town at The Westside Local, we knew we had to go. On a wonderfully sunny morning, we went down to the West Bottoms, a section of Kansas City that is quickly becoming one of our favorites, thanks to the wonderful food, and partook of some of our FAVORITE FRENCH FRIES ever.

wl-4wl-17Just look at those golden beauties. They are parmesan and parsley fries and have the most wonderful crunchy outside, while still remaining soft in the middle. And with their dipping sauces, their house ketchup (so tomato-y and refreshing compared to a bottled heinz), roasted garlic aioli and chipotle aioli, these french fries are definitely some of the best we’ve ever had.

wl-5wl-11wl-14After we finished worshipping the french fries, we moved onto something equally wonderful: their hamburgers. Now, these were no ordinary hamburgers. I would seriously classify these as superhero hamburgers with all of their yummy qualities. Our first pick was the white collar burger, complete with an herb goat cheese spread, potato match sticks, truffle oil, and a farm-to-market pretzel bun. Yes, this is the perfect time for the heart eyes emoji.

wl-6wl-7This hamburger was absolutely wonderful. With such a wonderful flavor and a salty exterior, it was bursting to the brim with truffle-ly, pretzel-ly goodness. The potato match sticks left such a nice crunch and with a really soft pretzel bun, it really was fantastic.

wl-12wl-13I would recommend however getting a rare or med-rare cooked hamburger here. We tried both out (one rare and one medium for each of our meals) and found that the rare was a much better choice. It was much juicer and really complemented the hamburger better.


wl-10Our next hamburger (SO many heart eyes) was the blue collar burger, made with smoked gouda, valentina glazed pork jowl, red onion, and farm-to-market brioche, was absolute heaven.

The softest bun, the juicest hamburger, the pork jowls (like who knew those were good) … it was a great hamburger. And, because we decided to split both of the hamburgers, we both got the best of both worlds. Yay! And with such a cute interior (brick naturally), it was a great place to spend an hour. Go early or make a reservation!

It’s one of the most popular places to eat in KC!


The Westside Local (1663 Summit Street, Kansas City, MO 64108 // 816.997.9089)