Female Foodie San Antonio: Kungfu NoodleWhen you return from travels or living abroad one of the first things you do (or, we do) is to find somewhere you can experience the food you miss so much. Ok maybe the first thing we do is sleep for 12 hours. We’ve lived in a few places since living in China and have gathered a few shops to eat at and reminisce. Now we can add a San Antonio spot to that list.

Female Foodie San Antonio: Kungfu NoodleKung fu Noodle is a little shop that actually looks quite like the inside of a shop in China (take that for what it is). There are only around 10 tables in a narrow long space and black vinegar, soy sauce and hot chili oil on every single one. That’s important. Those condiments are a pretty big part of getting that specific flavor. They have a few noodle dishes, a couple dumpling options, and buns on Tuesday and Wednesday. They hand pull their wide noodle (I tried to learn in China and it was kind of a hot mess) which are set in a simple broth with bok choy and beef, pork or lamb. You can also get their fresh machine stretched noodles which are thinner and also have a good chew. They are slightly easier to eat with chopsticks too. Don’t worry, they have forks if you’re not a chopstick fan.

Female Foodie San Antonio: Kungfu NoodleMy favorite flavor is the lamb. Chinese Cooking puts a heavy emphasis on grain and vegetables and uses bits of meat and fat for flavor.

It makes this so great! You find yourself with chopsticks in one hand and spoon in the other trying to put all elements in your mouth at the same time to hit that flavor nirvana. It’s such a great food experience.

A little vinegar in the soup and some mixed with soy sauce for dipping dumplings and you’re set.

Female Foodie San Antonio: Kungfu NoodleLove their handmade dumplings- they taste just. like. China. (At least in Northeast China where we lived). Stuffed steamed buns are flavorful but spicy. If you’re a spicy person, don’t overdo it here….no need to overcompensate for someone’s weak idea of what’s “spicy”. They don’t play around with their spice level in the soup or the stuffed buns. It’s happily become our go to place for our noodle fix. And when we’re feeling nostalgic.

Female Foodie San Antonio: Kungfu NoodleFemale Foodie San Antonio: Kungfu NoodleKungfu Noodle (6733 Bandera Road, Leon Valley, TX // 210.451.5586)