Milwaukee: Lala’s Place

Living in the suburbs of Milwaukee, sometimes it’s a drag to have to make my way downtown, find parking, and walk my way to a restaurant in the city. It’s nice to have access to some really great options a little bit closer to home. Cue Lala’s Place, home to the best Mexican food of the ‘burbs!

Walk in, and Lala herself will probably be there to welcome you with a basket of chips and salsa. She famously refers to everyone as “honey” or “sweetie,” and will let you sit anywhere you’d like. The Mexican cuisine is authentic, the prices are great, and the turnaround is quick.

My go-to at Lala’s is the al pastor taco dinner with the side of beans and rice. This right here is the best al pastor taco plate around. I always order it the traditional way – corn tortillas, cilantro, and onions. The pork is very tender and richly seasoned, not too tangy! Lala’s does a great version of this Mexican classic.

Lala’s Place  (3470 E Layton Avenue, Cudahy, WI // 414.744.4417)

Photos & Writing: Olivia Medrow
Wisconsin Female Foodie

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