Los Angeles: Lamill CoffeeRarely do I find a cafe that feels like home, yet treated with full service. Lamill Coffee in the trendy area of Silverlake is a modern full-service cafe with gourmet coffee and tea. Their artisanal lattes and drinks are an ode to the overall unique homemade service you get sitting back in their large lounge chairs. Lamill also serves fresh homemade pastries, doughnuts, and breakfast/lunch items that are sure to make you wanting more.

Los Angeles: Lamill CoffeeThe space is pretty large for a cafe, and there is free parking behind the venue and on the side streets surrounding it. This area is a local favorite for artists and entrepreneurs looking to relax and work, so you can feel intermixed with Los Angeles’ vibrant scene of up-and-comers and behind-the-scenes stars currently in the industry.

Los Angeles: Lamill CoffeeLos Angeles: Lamill CoffeeEverything here is perfect for sharing. Lamill’s toasts are to die for: the avocado toast (radishes, pickled red onions, chili-almond gremolata) is a perfect savory shareable that is healthy also with all sorts of good fats, and look how beautiful it is! The housemade ricotta toast (macerated strawberries, toasted hazelnuts, lemon, basil) is my favorite – very sweet with the syrup and strawberries but the ricotta just pairs so well.

Los Angeles: Lamill CoffeeThe doughnuts here are also extremely good. The warm brioche doughnut holes (with vanilla cream to dip) are a must and the maple-espresso glazed doughnuts are also delicious. My favorite drinks are the Hong Kong Milk Tea (iced or hot), the Creme Brûlée Latte (yes, you actually crack open brûlée on top of this latte), and the Vanilla Latte (a personal favorite wherever I go, it is often how I test how good a cafe is). Silverlake is a clear example of the gentrification going on in Los Angeles right now, so stop by this area to experience the true hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles: Lamill CoffeeLos Angeles: Lamill CoffeeLos Angeles: Lamill CoffeeLamill Coffee (1636 Silver Lake Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026) 323-663-4441