Las Vegas: Babystacks Cafe

I’ll never forget the first time I went to Babystacks Cafe in Las Vegas. It was spring break a few short years ago and I was traveling with some of my favorite people in the world watching the Utes in the Pac 12 Tournament.

We waited FOREVER for these pancakes and made silly Vines (what’s a Vine??

), did cartwheels, and chatted about anything and everything until it was our names were finally called- only to sit longer and wait for our beloved food.

I think that we all intuitively knew that this breakfast would be worth the wait.

I’ve since then visited a different Babystacks Cafe location every year for their cupcake-like pancakes that seem almost too delicious for the first meal of the day.

Their most popular menu item? The red velvet pancakes topped with whipped cream, chocolate crumbles, and cream cheese syrup. I’m not usually a big fan of red velvet (or artificial color of any kind), but these pancakes from Babystacks Cafe make it easy to surrender those preconceived notions when you bite into a stack of hot, fluffy, red velvety goodness.

 Not a fan of red velvet? Never fear- the pancake menu at Babystacks Cafe has over 20 options. Other pancakes we have tried and loved include the s’mores, chocolate chip, German chocolate, and white chocolate macadamia nut. And if you’re more of a french toast kind of person, take a stab at their cookie butter french toast (yeah) served with fresh whipped cream, nutella, pie crust bits and powdered sugar.

If you’re anything like me, your life is a battle between constant cravings of sweet and savory. When I go to Babystacks Cafe for breakfast I always choose something salty to go with my cake for breakfast pancakes. The breakfast burrito and eggs benny are a no fail, but my favorite savory item is Lolo Rick’s Adobo Fried Rice. In short- a fried rice omelet filled with marinated shredded chicken and rice. Very Filipino and oh so tasty. 

Next time you’re in Vegas searching for a recovery breakfast after a long night at the slot machines, head to one of Babystacks Cafe’s 4 locations for eclectic asian decor and delicious breakfast food that will hit the spot. I’ve listed my favorite of the four locations below.

Babystacks Cafe (2400 North Buffalo Drive #145, Las Vegas, NV // 702.541.6708)

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