Los Angeles: Birdies. Donuts. Fried chicken. Coffee.Need a great stop on-the-go? Do you love fried chicken and doughnuts as much as me? Then Birdies is perfect for you! Artisanal doughnuts that are made from scratch every two hours and free-range fried chicken that’ll leave you begging for more. Birdies is nestled around a bunch of new luxury apartment buildings in downtown Los Angeles. Once these buildings start accepting tenants (which should be within the next couple of months), I know this place will be crazy busy because the food is to die for.

Los Angeles: Birdies. Donuts. Fried chicken. Coffee.Los Angeles: Birdies. Donuts. Fried chicken. Coffee.Parking for here is a pain – you have to pay at a local lot. But it’s worth it, I promise! Birdies is somewhat small, so you can easily miss it, so keep an eye out for the colorful graffiti that covers the wall next to it. The space is beautiful – modern and trendy. The owner/head chef comes from a fine dining background, so he wanted to incorporate that kind of elegance but still make it more casual to be more inviting.

Los Angeles: Birdies. Donuts. Fried chicken. Coffee.Jason Harley, Head Chef, wanted to bring you a product that is commonly misrepresented in other stores.

He wanted to make doughnuts from scratch as often as possible so that you always get them fresh with no preservatives or anything that would keep it longer (like all the other doughnut shops). Also, he knew that the flavors had to be unique and beautifully represented, so every doughnut is like a piece of art. And the best part: you can try every single one of them before buying! Chef J truly believes in his product at Birdies and knows that you will get hooked if you just try it. Just tell them what doughnut you want to try and they will cut you a generous piece.

Los Angeles: Birdies. Donuts. Fried chicken. Coffee.Los Angeles: Birdies. Donuts. Fried chicken. Coffee.My favorites are the Horchata Twist (twist doughnut from yeast batter with horchata and dulce de leche glaze), Cinnamon Toast Streusel (ring doughnut from cake batter with cinnamon toast crunch crumbles and cinnamon vanilla glaze) and lemon thyme pistachio (ring doughnut from yeast batter with lemon and pistachio glaze topped with pistachio crumbles). I must say, however, ALL of the doughnuts are amazing.

You really can’t go wrong, so just choose your favorite palette of flavors.

The fried chicken is ridiculously good – the batter is very light but still thick and crunchy. The chicken has no fat, so good cuts of chicken are used. The Birdies Spicy fried chicken sandwich is so addicting on a brioche bun with cole slaw, ghost pepper mayo (my favorite pepper because it is pretty hot but still flavorful), Tillamook pepper jack cheese, and cured pickles. Aren’t you salivating already? You will love Birdies LA! Side note: ever wonder how foodies get shots? See below. It’s slightly embarrassing. 

Los Angeles: Birdies. Donuts. Fried chicken. Coffee.Birdies (314 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90015) 213-536-5720