Milk_015Milk_001I’m not sure if they are the home of the original macaron ice cream sandwich, but Milk in Los Angeles definitely has the best macaron ice cream sandwich around! Not familiar with macarons? They usually come in a smaller form than served at milk, a French sweet cookie made from meringue and almond flour sandwiched around a cream based filling. Milk has taken this one step further, with cookies of a bigger circumference and their delicious ice cream as the filling! One of the least messy cookie ice cream sandwiches I’ve ever had, and with all sorts of fun flavors like Maraschino Cherry, Fruit Loops, Thai Thea, Red Velvet, and more.

During my most recent visit, I went with the Fruity Pebbles flavor.

I’ve tried several but keep coming back to this one because it’s so good!

Milk has more than just the macaron ice cream sandwiches- they make homemade ice cream drumsticks, strawberry shortcake bars, they serve ice cream by the scoop or in shakes, malts or floats, and have a large variety of baked goods to choose from as well! It can get pretty busy on weekend nights (it is one of the top rated ice cream spots in LA!), but if you’re able to go early in the day on a weekday, you might just have the place to yourself (as I did).

Milk_002 Milk_012Milk_005 Milk_004Milk_006 Milk_008Milk_007 Milk_016Milk_009 Milk_010 Milk_011 Milk_013 Milk (7290 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA // 323.939.6455)