Milwaukee: Lulu Cafe

Every time I take a drive through the neighborhood of Bay View, a new restaurant seems to have popped up on the long and winding S. Kinnickinnic Avenue. Over the last several years, this vibrant area has become home to what seems to be every imaginable type of cuisine.

Between the slew of independently owned coffee shops and ethnic fare lies an old favorite of mine, Lulu Cafe. Something about their forever changing list of specials and inviting atmosphere keeps me coming back. I’ve dragged just about everyone I know to this spot at one time or another, because I know that they’ll be sure to find something on the menu that they will love. So far, I haven’t been proven wrong!

This time, my friend (a first timer) and I stopped in for a late lunch. I decided on the Faux Bahn Mi sandwich. It’s a baguette with grilled flank steak set on a bed of onions, cilantro, cabbage, cucumbers, and carrots, which is then tossed in a sesame-rice wine vinaigrette. My favorite part is the hot garlic chili sauce on top which adds just the right amount of spice. It comes with a side of wasabi mayo, which is very good, but in my opinion is not even necessary due to the amazing flavor profile of the chili sauce. Side note: it wouldn’t be a meal at Lulu unless I chose the house-made chips as my side with their bleu cheese dipping sauce.

I recommended the Mediterranean Steak Pita to my friend, which she chose to substitute with tofu. For those who don’t eat meat, Lulu will substitute tofu for any protein for no additional charge. Her sandwich consisted of the grilled tofu (usually flank steak) in Mediterranean seasonings, topped with feta cheese, fresh tomato, and Kalamata olive relish. Great meal with a great friend- counting down the days until I can come back!

Cafe Lulu (2265 S Howell Ave, Milwaukee // 414.295.5858)

Photos & Writing: Olivia Medrow
Wisconsin Female Foodie

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