Good friend, Grant works for his family at the Madison Crossing Lounge in West Yellowstone, Montana.
Last summer the lounge was mostly for . . . lounging: appetizers and drinks. After attending their Sushi
Wednesdays and catching a glimpse of their new menu this summer, I was excited to try the place for dinner. 
These buffalo short ribs were nothing short of delicious. Slow cooked and served with home-made mashed 
potatoes and fresh broccoli. It was a refreshing change from my daily dose of pizza, pizza, and pizza. 
This plate was scraped clean. To say the least, I was sad to watch this meal come to its end.
The evening’s dessert was the perfect finale: rich chocolate brownie topped with creme
and blackberry (which, by the way, were perfectly ripe). This was also scraped clean.

121 Madison Avenue
West Yellowstone, Montana
(406) 646-7621