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Living in Sandy, it’s not always easy to satisfy my cravings while still being lazy. Seriously, the struggle is real when it comes to pizza because the majority of my favorite pizza places are in Salt Lake or Sugarhouse. Even though it’s only a 20 minute drive, when you’re hungry, you’re hungry. You feel me? This is why I was stoked when I found out about the new Mangia location that opened up in Draper. New York style pizza and a five minute drive from my house? Sold.

My husband and I showed up on one of those I-want-pizza-now kind of nights and were met with great service and lots of good recommendations from the man behind the counter. I ordered the garlic knots because I always order garlic knots, and we couldn’t decide on just one pizza so we compromised and got two: the barbecue chicken and the classic margherita.

The margherita came out first and it looked divine.

The colors were vibrant – red tomatoes, green basil, white cheese – and the cheese was melted to perfection. On the first bite we knew it was a good, solid margherita pizza, one that wouldn’t ever disappoint.

Garlics knots and our other pie arrived at the same time and I immediately dug into the knots. It’s an addiction, I know. These ones are small but still extremely soft, with just the right amount of garlic. I probably could have eaten a meal of just these little guys. I can eat a lot of pizza, but if you give me garlic knots, I will always forego those few extra slices for a handful of buttery, garlicky carbs.

Finally, our favorite, the barbecue chicken pizza. It’s topped with crispy bacon and red onions and was the star of the show, and the best thing to eat while we relaxed and watched the World Series. Not only were the toppings delicious, but Mangia has great crust. It’s thin and crispy, but not burnt – just the way I like it.

All in all, we were stoked to find this place in Draper, so when we get that craving for some New York pizza, it’s not too far away. You’ll definitely be seeing us there again!

Mangia Neapolitan Pizzeria (519 E 12300 S, Draper // 385.355.1000)

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