Med Kitchen

Oh to be a tourist.  In one of the biggest cities in the world.
Just looking for a good bite to eat.  Came upon this eatery after
stumbling out of the Chinatown area in downtown London.
I was cold and wet, the place looked inviting, and the menu gave
off some good vibes.  Inside I went.

My favorite.  Again.
French onion soup.  It was perfect.  Minus the portion.
Because I honestly could have easily consumed double this amount.
Is this the American in me coming out? Oh bother.
[Make this at home.]

Another favorite.  Eggs benedict.
Probably (and unfortunately) wouldn´t order from this location again.
Still was good, yet the Hollandaise sauce was a little much.
A little on the tangy side.  Still ate it.

Moment of truth: this is the best tiramisu I´ve ever had.
Why?  Perfect texture and flavor combinations.
Not too soggy, just-right amount of chocolate, appropriate proportions
between layers.  Scrumptious.

Med Kitchen
25-35 Gloucester Road
South Kensington, London
(020) 7589-1383

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  1. me too. tiramisu is my favorite dessert. i get it everywhere i go. and love all your new posts Brookie!!! keep them coming

    this probably goes without being said, but hope you’re having a blast!