Milwaukee: Cafe Centraal

First I took you to Germany, now we’ll head off to Belgium!

If you’ve been following along, you’ll have noticed that a few weeks ago I introduced Cafe Bavaria (in this post). In a different part of town, Bay View to be exact, Cafe Centraal is another Lowlands Group charm of a different cuisine that you definitely need to check out. They boast one of the longest bars in the city with one of the largest lists of “bier.” But more importantly (to me) is their excellent menu which is diverse enough to please everyone at your table.

Although I have dined with them on a number of occasions, I absolutely adore their brunch. They have extensive list of Bloody Marys and plenty of mouth-watering list of signature dishes. The menu consists of everything from “lighter” options to ooey gooey pancake and french toast dishes. Also, they have a “blunch” section with some of their regular sandwich options for the person who isn’t in the mood for your typical breakfast food. The possibilities are seriously endless.

Have you ever had french toast with basil? I’m going to guess probably not. Well, I’m here to tell you that the berry basil french toast was superb. Fresh berries on top of cinnamon coated Challah french toast, layered with creamy mascarpone cheese, topped with basil, and served with syrup. A seemingly unlikely combo, but delicious nonetheless. The taste of the basil kind of cut the sweetness you got from the syrup and fruit, making it the perfect fusion of flavors. If you like your french toast served a little bit on the adventurous side, this one’s for you.

Now, we almost tried the chilaquiles at a different restaurant a few weeks ago, but decided against it because they were paired with tortillas and that wasn’t what we wanted to fill up on. At Cafe Centraal, their chorizo chilaquiles are on tortilla chips! Which seemed much more appealing to me. These were house-made tortilla chips topped with chorizo, queso fondito, chili rojo, cotija cheese, sweet pepper relish, spicy avocado cream, and fried eggs. Now that’s a mouthful, literally. I would consider it to be a wonderful marriage between mexican flavors and classic breakfast foods! It was kind of like eating the breakfast version of some really well-decorated nachos. I’m craving the chorizo mixed with the cheeses that you could scrape off the bottom with your chips. I highly suggest this dish!

Going into the summer months, if it’s nice out and you have the chance, sit out on their gorgeous patio! It’s filled with twinkling lights and lots of foliage.

I’m convinced that no one can create the amazing atmosphere of a restaurant quite like the Lowlands Group!

Cafe Centraal (2306 S Kinnickinnic Avenue, Bay View // 414.755.0378)

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