Milwaukee: Ferch’s Malt Shoppe and Grill

When I was a kid, my favorite thing in the world was to be able to mix and match different ice cream flavors and add-ons in order to make the perfect concoction. Make it a sundae or a shake, I wasn’t very picky as long as I had the ability to be as creative as I wanted with my dessert.

Enter Ferch’s Malt Shoppe and Grill- a place that my cousins and I used to beg to visit back in the day.

At their marble top creamery, you can choose from the 45 flavors of freshly-made custard that are listed on their menu along with tons of candies, nuts, fruits, and other treats to mix in. Make it a single, double, triple, or even a shake or a malt. You won’t be disappointed stopping by this 50s-inspired diner.

On this particular morning, I had woken up from a dream of a black cherry shake from Ferch’s. Yes, I have pretty specific food-related dreams! But it explains the inspiration behind this visit. Usually, I’d have them throw in some chocolate chips and almonds, but this time I decided to stick to the basics. And just as expected, it hit the spot. A creamy and delicious black cherry shake prepared just to my liking.

This was kind of an impromptu trip for us in the middle of the day, so besides my shake, we basically just wanted a snack. We figured what better way to snack than to share one of their pepper jack burgers? Our server politely cut it in half for us and put it in separate baskets. Served with french fries, this burger was topped with crispy bacon, jalapeños, raw onion, tomato, and pepper jack cheese, on top of an onion bun. Bacon, onions, and spiciness are basically the trifecta for me when it comes to a well-decorated burger. For me, this one had all the bases covered. Although I’m not sure I’d recommend having a burger as a snack again, especially if you have dinner plans!

But still, worth it.

Whether you’re into key lime, wild cherry, chocolate cake batter, or root beer, you’ll surely find something you love when it comes to Ferch’s impressive array of ice cream flavors. Pair it with a burger and you’re golden. Family friendly with an old-school vibe, pop in to quench your custard craving.

Ferch’s Malt Shoppe and Grill (5636 Broad Street, Greendale, WI // 414.423.1414)

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