Milwaukee: Oakland Gyros

Sigh.  One year ago, I was preparing to graduate from college and depart for the trip of a lifetime – to Athens, Greece.  It was only natural that I was craving Greek food this week! Although I really only ordered chicken souvlaki gyros while in Greece, my all-time fave gyro is the typical one you’ll find in the United States. Lamb cooked on a vertical rotisserie, sliced into thin shavings, and rolled into a pita. Whenever my family is craving gyros, we go to none other than Oakland Gyros.

Although the original is on…you guessed it, Oakland Ave, their other location on Layton Ave is closer to home for me. And just as good! You can clearly tell by the fact that the place is PACKED at lunchtime on a weekday. Same goes for the Oakland Ave location after bar close…you might have a hard time finding a seat!

At OG’s, you’ll get that laid-back, no-nonsense diner vibe along with the best gyros around. They’re topped with a heap full of onions and tomatoes.  Honestly, they give you enough meat for two gyros (depending on how hungry you are), so oftentimes we’ll order an extra pita and split one gyro into two. So definitely some bang for your buck!  You have options for sides, fries, rice, or Greek salad to name a few. This time, I opted for just olives, peppers, and feta cheese.

I like to throw the feta on top of my gyro, of course, because I am wild about cheese. Add some tzatziki and it’s a done deal.

The gyros aren’t the only thing to write home about at Oakland Gyros. Their spinach pie or “Spanakopita” is perfection. I didn’t have any spinach pie while in Greece, but I did have some delicious cheese pies! So in a way, this flaky, filled pastry allows me to reminisce. Although, my cheese pies were usually shaped like little calzones. This spinach pie also comes with your choice of sides.  Usually, they are a flaky pastry filled with spinach (because duh), feta, onions, egg, and seasoning. The type of pastry can depend on the part of Greece you’re in. Regardless, this one is a great choice if you’re not a gyro fan. Or even if you are, order it to share!

Even if I can’t make it to Greece this year, I can still find a little taste of it right here in Milwaukee. Actually, I tend to have a little taste of it every couple of weeks!

Oakland Gyros (530 W Layton Avenue, Milwaukee, WI // 414.

744.2555) or (2867 N Oakland Avenue, Milwaukee, WI // 414.963.1393)

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