Milwaukee: Wolf PeachMilwaukee: Wolf PeachMilwaukee: Wolf PeachWith a skyline view of downtown Milwaukee, Wolf Peach sits the perfect spot in the Brewers Hill neighborhood. But really, what on Earth is a wolf peach?  If you Google it, there are quite a few reasons.

 One suggests that in German folklore, the wild tomato was considered poisonous and not to be eaten.  In another, the tomato was used to summon werewolves.  Also, the Latin name for a wild tomato literally translates to “edible wolf peach.”  This explains the logo and the name, but the food at Wolf Peach isn’t serious or scary, it’s absolutely delicious!

 During this visit, I stopped by for brunch.  As usual, the food was impeccable and the ambiance was just as good.

Milwaukee: Wolf PeachMilwaukee: Wolf PeachMilwaukee: Wolf PeachMilwaukee: Wolf PeachI have ordered this dish multiple times because 1) I love the name and 2) it’s just that good.  I’ll Have What She’s Having.  No really, that’s what it’s called!  It’s an Eggs Benedict with mushrooms, hollandaise, and two poached eggs on an English muffin.  So really, pretty classic except you have mushrooms instead of Canadian bacon!  Then on the side you have their seriously to-die-for potato latkes.  They’re kind of like a hashbrown except in the form of a deep fried ball.  A nice change of pace from your standard selection of breakfast potatoes.  You just have to try it for yourself.  In that case, I’ll Have What You’re Having.

Milwaukee: Wolf PeachMilwaukee: Wolf PeachMilwaukee: Wolf PeachThe other dish I ordered was the chorizo chilaquiles.  You can get them with soy instead of chorizo too, so a good option for vegetarian friends! With adobo sauce, avocado cream, two over easy eggs, tortilla chips, and mozzarella, you have the perfect combination for an excellent dish of chilaquiles!

 If you’ve never had them, they’re basically a nacho dish.  But super flavorful and usually topped with lots of sauces and egg!

Not only does Wolf Peach offer an excellent brunch, but also wood-fired pizzas at dinnertime!  There’s a lemon spaetzle I’m dying to try!

Wolf Peach (1818 N Hubbard St, Milwaukee, WI // 414.374.8480)