Kansas City: Murray’s Homemade Ice Creams

I don’t know if ya’ll know, but it’s summertime. School is out, the sun is out, vacations are in, and so is ice cream in Kansas City. The only problem: the heat. Kansas City is hot as … you know. Not only does Kansas City regularly get into the 90s often, it also has extremely high humidity, which makes for an uncomfortable time outside. Anyone who has lived in the midwest or south knows what I mean–it’s a terrible combo.

Now, I grew up in Vegas, which should mean that I can handle heat pretty well–dry heat that is. Kansas City heat is a completely different story, which means … I crave ice cream ALL THE TIME. That and a cool drink and air conditioned comfort.

So, we recently decided to back away from our Glacé obsession and try something new.

For sometime now, I had been hearing about Kansas City’s Murray’s Homemade Ice Creams, this little mom and pop shop in the heart of Westport. But, being only open on Thursdays through Sundays, this meant we had to really plan out this trip and make it count.

We went on Thursday. We ate a lot of ice cream. And then basically we went back on Saturday again. And tried to go on Friday but we guilted ourselves out of it.

And boy was it glorious. Murray’s Homemade Ice Creams is a super traditional ice cream shop, including homemade waffle cones, cookies, sundaes, phosphates, and more. Though I love a good sundae, we decided to go with some traditional waffle cones (dipped in chocolate!).

Now, one of the best things about Murray’s is they switch up almost all of their flavors, keeping a tab of which flavors they currently have on their Facebook page. They usually keep one or two of their most popular flavors, including Chocolate Flake Fromage, which is just delicious, and the typical chocolate and vanilla. If you’re worried about finding something to like though, you won’t be disappointed. Murray’s has really awesome flavors, like Mango Mango, Coffee, 3 Nuts in a Tub, Cotton Candy Confetti, and One Drunk Monk.

Also, Murray’s has a really spunky and cool vibe–kind of like the place you would expect Ferris Bueller to visit. As a result, don’t be disappointed if you visit on a Saturday night and find out all of the cookies are gone–it’s just that cool!

Summer is a great time for ice cream in Kansas City–be sure to go visit Murray’s before it closes (it’s only open in the spring and summer time!).

Murray’s Homemade Ice Cream (4120 Pennsylvania Ave, Kansas City, Missouri 64111 // 816.


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