London: NAC

Mayfair. Home to some of London’s most expensive houses, shops and people!

I could spend hours wandering around the streets looking at the beautiful houses and past the restaurants looking at their expensive menus. Most of my life (sorry I mean day) is spent finding my next breakfast/lunch or dinner place, so when I found NAC’s menu and saw the RICOTTA DULCE DE LECHE PANCAKES I knew I had to go. What I didn’t realise was it’s in fancy shmancy Mayfair and at just £7 ($10), I didn’t have to sell my laptop to pay for them. Result!

I love pancakes but stack 3 of them up, cover them in dulche de leche and top with banana I would actually marry them. It sounds like they would be really indulgent and sickly but the pancakes themselves are so light and fluffy, they are absolutely delicious! Paired with a loose leaf English breakfast tea (and the cutest milk jug ever!) you really feel like your treating yourself. The shaksuka and truffled mac and cheese across the way looked good too so I’ll be returning for those!

I’d recommend you book in advance, we arrived as it opened and within half hour people were being turned away!

After breakfast we headed straight to Borough Market to think about what to have for lunch and I’ve got that lined up for you another day! See, I told you all I think about if food!

 NAC (41 North Audley St, London W1k 6ZP, United Kingdom // 20.


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