Jackson Hole: Nikai Asian Grill & Sushi Bar

Last weekend was one of the best I remember in a while. My sweetheart came up to visit me in Montana where I’ll be for the next few weeks until we get married. We spent our 4th of July in the Tetons and hoooooly smokes. I love that National Park. The better part of our day was spent hiking to Surprise and Ampitheatre Lakes, which were absolutely stunning. After 10 miles of being out and about, we decided it was time for some sushi. A couple of girlfriends and I went to Nikai two years ago and loved it. Great news- we’re two for two now. The service was fantastic and we really enjoyed trying some fun and unique rolls. Our two favorites were the Dagwood roll (tempura shrimp & avocado topped with blue crab, red tuna & sweet soy) and the Bonsai (panko fried soft shell crab & avocado topped with spicy tuna, chipotle sweet soy & fried green onions). It was all I could do to not lick my plate. On a side note, we stuck around to check out the fireworks that evening around 10 p.m. I ran into a good friend who said they were some of the best he had ever seen. True that, Dusty. These fireworks were out of control and unbelievable. The grand finale had so many going off at once that we couldn’t differentiate between fireworks and laughed hysterically at the bomb-like conglomeration of fire in the sky. Couldn’t have asked for a better 4th. Thankful for my awesome sauce fiance, the beautiful country we live in, and delicious sushi (even in the great Rocky Mountains). God bless America.

Nikai Sushi

225 North Cache

Jackson Hole, WY 83001

(307) 734-6490

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