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Ah, the Kringle. If you’re from Wisconsin, you’ve definitely heard the word! In fact, it’s actually the official state pastry of Wisconsin, due to the large population of Danish-Americans (the treat originated in Denmark). Oval shaped and made of flaky, layered dough, Kringles are filled with fruit, custard, nuts, cream cheese, or a combination of a few of these things. Those who are Kringle fans flock to one of the many bakeries in Racine, Wisconsin (the county just below Milwaukee) that specialize in the tasty delight.

My go-to is O & H Bakery. I’ve tried at least half of their flavors of Kringle (they offer more than twenty), but during this visit we decided on two. First, the Wisconsin Kringle was a must. Anytime there’s something that involves cream cheese, you can count me in. Inside this Kringle was cream cheese, cherries, and cranberries, all sourced from Wisconsin. Our other choice was an apricot Kringle, filled with tart and juicy apricot, of course!

Another Racine classic and specialty of O & H Bakery is the Danish Layer Cake. I really couldn’t handle an entire cake by myself, so I was thrilled they had singularly packaged pieces! It consists of yellow cake with three layers of their house made raspberry jam and custard. The cake itself is iced with buttercream frosting. A delicious cake for any occasion. Best thing about O & H for out-of-towners – they’re able to ship each of these desserts nationwide!

O & H Bakery (4006 Durand Ave, Racine, WI // 262.554.1311.)

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