Southern Utah: Oscar’s Cafe

Picture this: You just got done with a long day of hiking and exploring in Zion National Park, and you’re absolutely starving. All you want is the biggest, most delicious meal you can find and you need it now. There’s only one clear choice: Oscar’s Cafe.

Oscar’s – an American/Mexican fusion cafe – is nestled in the quaint small town of Springdale, Utah. If you’re familiar with Zion, you should know Springdale – it’s the last town you drive through before you hit the park and it’s filled with old fashioned hotels and shops selling all the unique gemstones of the area. Oscar’s is on the main road right next to the Lazy Lizard boutique and you can’t miss it.

Personally, I’ve been on the edge of hangry after a day at Zion, and Oscar’s is always my first choice. Their burgers are huge, juicy, and so crave-able, and their Mexican food counterparts are just as satisfying. If you can finish one of these massive portions on your own, you’re a true hero. Or truly starving (me, always).

First things first – order their guacamole. It’s a little extra but it’s to-die-for and served with their blue corn tortilla chips. I could have eaten a whole meal of that alone. Our table of four devoured it in about three minutes flat and it was so worth it.

My favorite here is the Murder Burger: it’s their famous half pound garlic burger with bacon and pepper jack cheese added. I can’t even fit the whole thing in my mouth every time I take a bite and it’s absolutely glorious. I’ve also had the avocado chip burger which is just as delicious, but doesn’t hold together very well, so don’t do that one if you’re with someone you’re trying to impress. You’ve been warned. (Also, how am I ever supposed to decide between regular and sweet potato fries? Solution: get both and share.)

On the Mexican food side, their most popular item is their pork chili-verde burrito, and just like the burgers, it’s unreal. Slow roasted pork with fire roasted green chiles, tomatillos, and onions, baked in a flour tortilla, and then smothered with sauce, cheese, and sour cream. I can almost taste it right now. It’s not the sweet pork you might be used to at Cafe Rio or Costa Vida, but it’s probably at least ten times better.

If you have special dietary restrictions, don’t worry, Oscar’s is also the place for you! At least a third of their options are or can be vegan or vegetarian, and they even have gluten free bread for burger-lovers. I’ve never seen my mother-in-law so happy as when she found that out. Oscar’s also serves breakfast, which I’ve never had, but I’m absolutely sure it’s just as incredible.

So next time you’re in Zion, make sure you stop by Oscar’s to curb your cravings and have a meal you’ll be wanting again and again. Stay hungry and adventure on, friends.

Oscar’s Cafe (948 Zion Park Blvd., Springdale, UT // 435.772.3232)

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