Milwaukee: Oscar’s Frozen Custard & Sandwiches

Every town has its favorite hamburger joint.  And Milwaukee is no exception, we have dozens.  But for me, nothing follows a burger better than a top-of-the-line serving of frozen custard!  For years, my family has visited Oscar’s (their location on Highway 100) for this exact combo.  Actually, years ago I heard a rumor that they had closed down, which prompted a heartbroken Twitter spree until I found out it was a rumor with absolutely no merit.  I was a dedicated fan (still am).  Thankfully, I realized I could still enjoy Oscar’s whenever I please!  You can imagine my excitement when Oscar’s recently opened up another location in Franklin, much closer to home!  Same deal, but twice as convenient for someone who lives in the suburbs of Milwaukee.  I also was surprised to find while writing this review that they actually have another location on Highway 18  , making the Franklin location Oscar’s III!

My dad and I share an all-time favorite burger from Oscar’s, the mushroom Swiss.  It includes mushroom sauce and Swiss cheese on either a 1/4 lb or 1/2 lb patty.  This ooey gooey burger is melt-in-your-mouth delicious.  Their 1/4 lb burgers don’t exceed $3.44 and their 1/2 lb burgers are all under $4.84! A burger with all the accouterments for under $5.00 sounds quite the steal to me.  In fact, at Oscar’s you can get 5 sloppy joes for $7.99!

My other favorite thing about Oscar’s is their assortment of side orders.  I personally favor the white cheddar cheese curds.  They are the lightly battered and deep-fried kind that send my heart aflutter.  I’m talking Wisconsin State Fair level greatness with these cheese curds, and everyone around here knows that means business.

Much like the other custard spots, Oscar’s has their own Flavor of the Day list.  I was lucky enough to stop by on Turtle Sundae Sunday.  Luscious fudge, creamy caramel, and roasted pecans swirled in vanilla custard.  Plop a scoop of that in their homemade waffle cone and you’ve got dessert perfection.  My mom opted for the Shake of the Month, the Lucky Leprechaun.  I can vouch that a mint shake is better than you could imagine when made with creamy custard!

You will be pleased to know that the new Oscar’s is just as satisfying as its other location.  Same set-up, same familiar taste.  In fact, they have a little enclosed train track running through the middle of the restaurant, so there’s even some entertainment at the new Oscar’s!  I know I’ll be back, because I’ve made it my life’s goal to try every Flavor of the Day on their menu.

Oscar’s Frozen Custard and Sandwiches (7041 S 27th St, Franklin, WI // 414.305.8700)

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