Park City: Blind Dog Restaurant & Sushi

Hey Park City food lovers alike. I recently added a restaurant to my list of BEST restaurants in Park City and I can’t wait to tell you about it. Introducing Blind Dog Restaurant & Sushi! Owners Derrick & Penn Kinsey started the restaurant years ago and named it after their black lab who was blinded in an accident. The couple asked their close friends and family from a list of proposed names which they preferred and Blind Dog was the unanimous pick!

The original restaurant, housed in a different location only hosted 54 seats at a time. Blind Dog Restaurant & Sushi continued to grow and since then has moved to their current location which was originally a lumber company. Today, you can now find Blind Dog Restaurant & Sushi just off of Park Ave and Kearns Boulevard in Park City. The gorgeous interior with lights, a grand piano, and beautiful table settings sets the stage for the delicious and sophisticated dining experience they have to offer.


When you arrive at Blind Dog Restaurant & Sushi you’ll notice that the dining options aren’t exclusively sushi. Their menu has a little something for everyone including soup & salad, vegetarian dishes, seafood, red meat, and of course, sushi. My first recommendation for a light and refreshing start is the beet salad comprised of micro arugula, yellow and red beets, toasted pecans, queso fresco cheese, and the house vinaigrette.

I’m a sucker for anything with tomatoes, so I was really excited to see the redneck caprese salad on the menu. It’s made with tempura fried green tomatoes, fresh burrata cheese, balsamic reduction, heirloom tomatoes, basil. A great spin on a classic caprese!

Sushi & Sashimi

If you’re like me, it’s hard to pass up an opportunity for good sushi ANYTIME. At Blind Dog Restaurant & Sushi you’ll be pleased with the fresh array of seafood served in this landlocked state. Because you can have your cake and eat it too! The owner’s favorite menu item is this gorgeous sea trout sashimi with smoked poblano ponzu.

If you’re game for sashimi, the Hamachi Belly sashimi salad has incredible flavor and is a great start to your evening at Blind Dog Restaurant & Sushi. This sashimi salad includes pickled onions, yellow beets, daikon radish, tomatoes, and hamachi belly on top.

Interested in nigiri? I recommend the amaebi, Blind Dog’s giant sweet shrimp. The tails are served raw and the head is fried, meaning you CAN eat the entire shrimp. But even if you aren’t interested in eating the entire shrimp, the flavor of the bulk of the giant sweet shrimp is delicious!

Blind Dog Restaurant & Sushi has an array of rolls including traditional maki rolls and several house specialty rolls. This Blind Dog specialty roll had tempura shrimp, cucumber, spicy mayo on the inside, tuna, salmon, mango, escolar. Absolutely delicious! I loved the sweet tang that the mango brought to the roll.

The lollipop roll is one of their most popular. Prepared with tuna, salmon, escolar, mango, sprouts, green onion, avocado, all rapped in cucumber, this riceless roll is a healthy and refreshing sushi roll.


If you’re a fan of scallops, you will swoon over Blind Dog’s Divers Scallops dish. The scallops are lightly seared, served over creamy yukon gold mashed potatoes with an array of micro greens including thai mint, parsley, sprouts, and daikon.

The pork chop is another popular and highly recommended dish. Pepita and house mustard crusted, roasted, with an apple cider demi reduction, and served over sweet potato pave (known as the “yum yum” potatoes to many locals)- sweet potato with a charred poblano in between each one. You can also get the yum yum potatoes alone as their own vegetarian dish.

Dining with a red meat connoisseur? This Snake River Farms 8 oz. center cut fillet will knock their socks off. The meat is 28 day dry aged to create a delicious melt in your mouth experience. Blind Dog Restaurant & Sushi pairs this delicious cut with gruyere gratin potatoes, cab demi-glace as sauce, cipollini mushrooms, and pancetta. Superb.

I’m always on the lookout for delicious grilled salmon, and this Blind Dog entree is no exception. Served with kale salsa verde, french green beans, and butter whipped mashed potatoes, this dish is well-balanced and delicious!

Last but not least, my highest of recommendations for a non-sushi item at Blind Dog is unquestionably the Yardbird.  Picture a panko fried chicken side that has been sous vide and panko fried. Served with a lemon caper sauce atop homemade mashed potatoes. In my opinion, this is the ultimate comfort dish. 100% glutinous and worth every calorie my friends.


No great meal is complete without dessert! This bananas foster brioche bread pudding is one of the BEST bread puddings I have ever had. It’s a recipe with bananas foster ingredients incorporated into a classic brioche bread pudding topped with homemade vanilla ice cream, sea salt, caramel. Need I say more?

Blind Dog Restaurant & Sushi is open 7 days each week for dinner from 5:00-9:00 p.m. (9:30 on the weekends). A great spot for an intimate date, a night out with friends, or an excuse to drive up to Park City.

Blind Dog Restaurant & Sushi (1251 Kearns Blvd, Park City, UT // 435.655.0800)

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