Peza Arroz

Stopped at Peza Arroz during a weekend trip to Porto, Portugal a couple
of weeks ago.  It sits right off the river in a gorgeous downtown area.
Cod cakes.  Would have eaten more had my meal not have been so huge.
[Make this at home.]
Ensalada.  Enjoyed the crispy onions.  Note that most salads
in Europe come with oil and/or vinaigrette.  Thankfully some part of this
world has discovered that not everything needs to be drenched in Ranch.
This serving of rice and beans was delicious and my favorite part
of the meal.  Cooked in a broth of some sort.
Yet again taking advantage of a coastal city.  Pescado, please.
Yummy white fish breaded and fried.
This probably looks a little better than it tasted.
Still good.  Yet nothing superb.

Restaurante Peza Arroz
Caise Da Riveira, 42
4050-510 Porto
(222) 050-291

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