Red Iguana

I. Love. Mexican food. Truthfully. So, as you can imagine, I was excited to hear from good pal Abigail that Red Iguana was a “must try” in Salt Lake City.

My feelings for the place go in and out, but the overall experience is great.
This time, some friends and I started with the guacamole. Oh how I love guacamole. The appetizer was quickly demolished.

We also complained to the server that the lettuce was deceiving- it gave the appearance that the guacamole portions were more abundant and never-ending. (False)

[Make this at home.]
Usually, I order the Tacos a la Iguana (three crisp corn tacos with shredded beef, melted jack cheese and sour cream) and substitute the crisp tacos for soft tacos. (Delicious- and incredibly HUGE portions of meat). This time, however, I went for the Poblano Plate: one sour cream chicken enchilada, a Taco a la Iguana, and a beef tostada with a side of guacamole. The taco was wonderful, the enchilada was nice, the tostada was alright (wayyyy too hefty on the meat). Overall, a great meal with great company.


Red Iguana
736 West North Temple
Salt Lake City, UT  
(801) 322-1489 () ‎  

866 West South Temple
Salt Lake City, UT  
(801) 214-6050 

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  1. I love Red Iguana. Wish I could eat there more often. Do you know of a really really authentic Mexican place along the Wasatch Front that isn’t Red Iguana? I mean, authentic like they use Mexican cheeses rather than shredded cheddar, and they serve stuff like molcajete and ceviche and chilaquiles and stuff like that. I just moved back to Utah from Nashville and left the best Mexican restaurant behind. 🙁

    Also, I dig that you went to LD’s cafe. Nice.