San Antonio: Revolutionary Wings

If I’m feeling hungry and indecisive, it usually means I end up at The Block Food Park & Patio Bar. Home of usually 3-6 food trucks at a time, from a pool of about 9 trucks or so. Thankfully, I haven’t found much mediocrity here but I’m still working my way through all of them. It’s hard work, I tell ya.

  I was pleasantly surprised to find a wing place there on Saturday and kind of curious at the guys in chef coats running around inside. As much as you can run around inside a food truck. Revolutionary Wings is chef run, and goodness gracious y’all….it’s good. I’m partial to wings fried and tossed in sauce as opposed to other methods. I just feel like it renders the fat and skin perfectly without drying out the inside. They also source fresh, local chicken with no additives which is key to keeping wings moist and perfectly cooked. And something about chicken that didn’t travel 600 miles to get here, just makes me happy.

 They have a fun selection of signature wings and options for the creative diner who wants something to call their own. I chose the black gold garlic butter wings because well…. black garlic. Don’t you love when a food is amazing and then when it’s cooked or fermented it turns into something completely different and also amazing?? Yea, me too. The sugars, flavor and intensity are completely changed and I could eat it with a spoon. So when I saw they had a black garlic sauce, with butter to boot, I was all over that. Finished with sea salt, they were a genuine wing experience. I will be back again and again and again. Lucky for me, and the rest of world, they sell that Black Gold sauce by the bottle. Hallelujah y’all!

Revolutionary Wings (San Antonio, TX // 210.452.6382)

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