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Good macarons come few and far between in Milwaukee, much to my disappointment.

  I just haven’t found too many bakeries that offer them.

Luckily, Rocket Baby Bakery allows me to get my fix of these little delicacies…and then some.  Rocket Baby has two locations, their main cafe and bakery is in Wauwatosa (North Ave), but their smaller satellite bakery is in Bay View. Although I’ve never been to their North Ave locale (stay tuned for a future post on this one!), I stop by the satellite every once-in-a-while to pick up a few macarons.  If you’re unfamiliar, macarons are colorful, tender almond meringue cookie sandwiches.  At Rocket Baby they are filled with a variety of different fillings ranging from chocolate ganaches to fruit preserves.

My all-time favorite is their pistachio macaron.  You’ll be able to recognize this one by its characteristic green shell.  If you like pistachio flavored baked goods, you’ll love this macaron’s bold taste.  For someone who isn’t as adventurous, I’d recommend the blue macaron.  Just as delicious, this one is vanilla flavored and filled with a buttery vanilla bean cream.  I also loved the chocolate raspberry, which was the only one I had which was filled with a chocolate ganache.  My favorite part about this one was that I could taste both the chocolate and raspberry flavors equally.

It’s decorated beautifully as well!  While one shell is brown, the other is a dark red.  The top is then drizzled with a white design and sprinkled with sparkles.  Truly magical!  I actually had two of this particular macaron, since the guy at the counter told me the flavor would be rotating out soon.  Finally I had the malted chocolate macaron.  Since I’m a fan of the malt flavor, I was excited to try this one.  You can definitely indicate it in the velvety cream middle of the macaron!

As a novice macaron baker myself, I am always trying to emulate my favorite macarons as I find them.  Rocket Baby gets it just right with their smooth shell meringues and flavorsome fillings and ganaches.  If you’re in the mood for a macaron, the Rocket Baby satellite is a quick stop.  Really, any of their flavors would be a great choice. In fact, I recommend trying every single one!

Rocket Baby Bakery (2434 S Kinnickinnic Ave, Milwaukee, WI // 414.879.0483)

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