The number one thing that catches my attention in terms of restaurants? An outdoor patio. Second? Happy people eating outside. So when I drove by Root’s Cafe and saw both? I was sold. The first time I tried Root’s was when my mother and I stumbled in after a local neighborhood 4th of July parade. Sunny and satisfying, Root’s couldn’t have been a better fit.Female Foodie SLC: Root's CafeFemale Foodie SLC: Root's CafeFemale Foodie SLC: Root's CafeLocated in the center of Millcreek, this cafe specializes in locally grown products and healthy unique plates. Though the restaurant is fairly small inside, the huge windows and patio doors enable sun to lighten every corner. In terms of the outside, the hanging vines and fresh surrounding plants create a calming and inviting atmosphere. Fun fact: during the busy winter months, they set up a huge yurt outside!

Female Foodie SLC: Root's CafeFemale Foodie SLC: Root's CafeAlright – let’s talk about what’s most important: the food!! Obviously, I’m in love with so many dishes, or else I wouldn’t be posting about them. But, if you were to ask me about my “regular”? I’d definitely have to say the peta breakfast sandwich, buckwheat pancakes, and a cup of “the cleanser” juice (and yes I eat it all). Sandwiched between two slices of rosemary ciabatta bread, is a slab of the yummiest sausage you’ve ever tasted; and guess what – it’s a veggie sausage! Local, healthy, and hearty, you can’t even tell there is no meat involved!

This, with a side of house potatoes, satisfies every savory bone in your body. For balance, this is where the sweeter buckwheat pancake comes in, and tastes like a huge gingerbread house got crushed into one pancake. I couldn’t be more proud.Thank you Roots, for creating my *favorite* pancake ever. I dream about these slabs of goodness. What’s even better? They’re healthy too!

Female Foodie SLC: Root's CafeFemale Foodie SLC: Root's CafeFemale Foodie SLC: Root's CafeOther noteworthy and popular dishes include the the peto (for the spicy lovers) on rye bread, the benni (one of the best hollandaise sauces I’ve ever had), and especially, the crepes! Wow…the mix of mint and ricotta cheese infused in a crepe then topped with berries is something no one should complain about. Also word to the wise, remember to try the pancake of the day – it usually is quite tasty.

Female Foodie SLC: Root's CafeFemale Foodie SLC: Root's CafeIn terms of juices, you cannot go wrong.

They scream fresh, healthy, and flavorful. If I could get all my nutrients in one drink, it’d be from one of these cups. If you like beets, try the “cleanser”.

More of a cucumber fan? Then the “cucumber cooler” is right up your alley (the mint in this drink is incredible).

Female Foodie SLC: Root's CafeFemale Foodie SLC: Root's CafeSo, if you’re ever in the neighborhood (a.k.a. get in the neighborhood), head over to Root’s Cafe! It’s easy to miss, but hard to forget. Also, thanks to all those who work so hard to produce amazing locally grown products and to Root’s for creating masterpieces from them! Us foodies are greatly appreciative.

Female Foodie SLC: Root's CafeRoot’s Cafe (3474 S 2300 E, Salt Lake City, UT // 801.277.6499)