Salt Lake City: The Copper Onion

The Copper Onion in the heart of Salt Lake City, has been serving new American cuisine to locals, tourists, and foodies alike for over 5 years. But before I dive into my most recent experience at the Copper Onion, let me preface with a brief and honest account from a few years ago.

To keep things short, I visited The Copper Onion twice around 2012 or 2013.

First with my mom and again with a group of friends with fair expectations for a worthwhile meal. I remember enjoying the food the first time around, but on the second occasion not so much. We waited for over an hour for our table so by the time our food arrived I was absolutely famished. I had taken my server’s recommendation and ordered a pasta dish with a tomato-based sauce. I remember being very underwhelmed and (obviously) a little short changed because it took until 2016 for me to return.

I continued to hear such incredible things throughout the years and, finally, I came to terms with the fact that The Copper Onion was worth a second or even third do-over. Tonight, my friend Emily and I enjoyed an absolutely delectable evening full of incredible food that’s definitely worth writing home for (or at least blogging).

We started off with a cucumber and tomato salad (yay for Tomato Days!). It was simple but exactly what we had hoped for- something fresh, flavorful, and appetizing. After polishing off the remains of this dish, a staff member dropped off a plate of what was to be the BEST part of our entire dining experience . . .

Three words: Wagyu Beef Stroganoff. I had heard this would be the dish to vanquish my Copper Onion opinion and it 100% took the cake. Was it the house made pappardelle? Was it the melt in your mouth snake river farms beef? Or the creamy, savory combination of mushrooms and creme fraiche topped with chives? If there’s one thing you should order next time you’re at The Copper Onion, this is your dish.

After doing everything within our power not to lick the last of our stroganoff off the plate, we decided to try the Rainbow Trout. The couscous was tangy, and the lemon-yogurt-trout combination was simple and satisfying. I appreciated the thoughtful presentation and accompanying flavors that went into this dish.

To top off our evening, we enjoyed a homemade panna cotta. This creamy buttermilk dessert was almost slightly tart- and topped with salted honey and blackberries for the perfect touch. A subtle and sweet touch to end a night of delicious food.

In fairness not only to The Copper Onion as an establishment but to Salt Lake City diners, The Copper Onion is worth a Saturday night meal and most especially when you indulge in a bowl of their beef stroganoff with house made pappardelle.

Having worked in the restaurant industry for several years, I understand that “off nights” are a real thing, and as a rule of thumb, try to give places that have made a name for themselves two or three chances. Other menu items I’ll look forward to trying next time include the Copper Onion burger, the pasta carbonara, and the Ballard farm griddled pork chop.

The Copper Onion (111 Broadway #170, Salt Lake City, UT // 801.355.3282)

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