Female Foodie SLC: LaylaFemale Foodie SLC: LaylaFemale Foodie SLC: LaylaAs you know, I’d easily move to Greece simply for the food. It. Is. My. Favorite. By far! One word: Gyro…and I’m there. My mouth is watering simply thinking about it! Could I tell you my favorite Mediterranean dish? Probably not. Could I tell you one that I never get sick of and would be fine eating every single day of my life? Yes.

Layla Mediterranean Grill and Mezze is one for the books. Winning the “Best of State” four years in a row, authentic mediterranean food thrives here. Tucked away in the heart of Holladay, it is very easy to miss, but should never be skipped over.  The concoctions of used spices alone should probably be sold for a couple million. Hey, I’d pay. But honestly, whenever I come here I order a dish that has topped many, if not all other dishes, I’ve eaten in my lifetime: the Musahken.

Female Foodie SLC: LaylaFemale Foodie SLC: LaylaFemale Foodie SLC: LaylaThe Musahken is a perfectly spiced, thin, toasted flatbread wrap stuffed with roasted chicken, pine nuts, veggies, cartelized onions, and a creamy sauce. Ordered with a side of their Layla Specialty fries? You’re golden. These are some of the best fries you’ll have in SLC. Savory and crunchy, they’ll simply melt in your mouth when tasted with their dipping sauce. Don’t get me wrong though, if you choose the side of Lebanese vermicelli rice, I’ll still give you a high five. It is incredible.

Female Foodie SLC: LaylaFemale Foodie SLC: LaylaAnother one of their great dishes is their Chicken Shawarma wrap.

I’ll emphasize this again in that their spices and mixture of tastes are to perfection.

Thin slices of chicken drape over the pickled vegetables and house garlic “toum” aioli.

Female Foodie SLC: LaylaRemember to start great and end well, too. The traditional hummus and fire roasted red pepper hummus plates are tasty and authentic if you’re looking for a starter.

For a dessert? Grab some homemade baklava.

Layla I love you and forever will. Thank you for creating my *favorite* dish. We’ll see you soon!!

Female Foodie SLC: LaylaLayla  (4751 S Holladay Blvd, Holladay, UT 84117 // 801.272.9111)