Salt Lake City: Mollie & Ollie

Have you ever been called to a restaurant? Like you feel like the restaurant is literally calling your name. Mollie & Ollie introduced me into this new affair. I heard about this hip joint because I work right across the street and looked healthy – a.k.a. my style. Setup in a classy, old building, this healthy eatery spoke to me! Well-cooked proteins, fresh vegetables, and unique homemade sauces all mixed together make for a great meal. If you’re wanting fast food, yet healthy, head on over!

 I first experienced Mollie & Ollie when I “forgot” to pack a lunch for work…”forgot” meaning on-purpose-because-I-wanted-to-try-Mollie-&-Ollie. My co-worker, Amy, and I walked across Main street and I couldn’t have been more eager to get this food in my belly. Luckily, we went around 1:30, which means we missed the rush (Amy had informed me that the line is usually out the door during peak lunchtime).

The awesome thing about this place is that it actually is what they say they are: “fast, fun, and friendly”. Now don’t be fooled. Just because we went after the rush and hey deliver your food fast, I still took about 10 minutes trying to decide over their intriguing, delectable menu.  They have a mix of their M&O created salads, scrambles, and stir fry; yet, you still had the option of creating your own. I mean, come on, you can’t blame me; it all looked so good! How you order is super fun too; being able to personally span through the electronic menu gave me all the time I needed.

Probably because I looked so conflicted, I was kindly helped by a friendly employee who gave me tips and samples on what I should order based on my starved tastebuds. Don’t you hate when you’re so hungry that simply everything sounds amazing? It wasn’t “I’m so hungry I could eat a whole horse”, but “I’m so hungry I could eat the whole menu.”

Finally, after a good stress-moment, I decided on the Chimichurri Pesto stir fry. Thank you Mollie & Ollie employees, because my mouth was singing. Wow. This was the best stir fry I had ever had. The sauce was so incredible!! Freshly-made egg noodles topped with kale, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, and perfectly cooked beef made for a great bowl of food. Amy, who is a way quicker menu-picker, ordered the Savory Lemonlicious stir fry. Four words: frest, tangy, simple, and shrimp. Yes shrimp – always a good choice. This is a great dish if you’re feeling something more light and clean.

I love this place and am even more thrilled that it is right across from my work. Thank you thank you. I’m excited to come back to try their breakfast menu too! Beautiful yogurt or acai bowls will be a great option to wake up to. Thanks Mollie & Ollie! I’ll see you super soon.

Mollie & Ollie (159 Main St, Salt Lake City, UT  //  (801) 328-5659)

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