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I discovered RubySnap one day while driving on 300 West in Salt Lake City. Lucky for me, I decided to stop and see what it was all about, initially drawn to the vintage/retro looking sign and decor.

My world, as it relates to cookies, has never been the same.

RubySnap is like walking into a 1950s ice cream parlor (at least by the totally retro inside), but instead of the ice cream bar, you have rows and rows of freshly baked cookies.

One of my favorite things about RubySnap is that you can sample any cookie you’d like before purchasing to be sure you buy a cookie (or two or three..) you’re going to love. And, I mean it when I say love.

The cookies are all so soft and moist (two things I love in a good cookie), but there is also a wide variety of tastes — meaning, there’s a favorite for everybody. If you like the classic chocolate chip, try the Trudy. Fancying something sweet with a little spice? Maybe the Frida will hit the spot — it’s a spicy chocolate with a chile de árbol ganache center.

This time around I tried the Ricki, basically an Almond Joy in a cookie (perfect for lovers of coconut), the Lisa (a pb&j cookie that was only available for a limited time), the Penelope, a peanut butter cookie dipped in chocolate, and the Judy, an orange zest infused cookie with a cream cheese frosting.

Lemon lovers will especially be pleased. There are 3 for you to try — the Lilly, the Lola, and the Zoey. My favorite was the Lola, made with curd and lemon bitters. But the Zoey is a close second in the lemon department as  blueberry and chia is thrown in the mix.

Each month, there is a new cookie to try and coming in June, RubySnap will showcase two brand new flavors: a matcha cookie, and a sesame tahini cookie.

If you don’t live nearby, don’t worry — RubySnap dough is available in the freezer section of every Harmons Grocery store throughout Utah so you can make them fresh in the convenience of your own kitchen. When I want something sweet, I head to RubySnap. It always take the cake…errr, cookie.

RubySnap Fresh Cookies

$$$$ Desserts, Bakeries

770 S 300 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84101 801-834-6111

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