Salt Lake City: Rye

I love seeing Salt Lake City become a budding metropolis of delicious food. We’ve been starting to see more creative and eclectic places- several restaurants off the beaten path that do one thing really well. Rye near downtown Salt Lake City is just the place for comfort food with a pinch of personality. I love that it’s off the main downtown grind but still close to home. I’ve brought nearly all of my Female Foodie team members here for brunch. We love its consistent, innovative approach to breakfast and brunch classics.

My favorite breakfast dish at Rye is something my foodie brain thinks about often- a dish you can’t get anywhere else in Salt Lake City. The steaming hot rice brings together all of the flavors from the house kimchi, pork belly, and an over easy egg. I’m an absolute sucker for a killer savory breakfast dish and this is hard to beat!

Looking for something that will satisfy your sweet tooth at Rye? Try the brioche french toast, served with tangy lemon curd and hot maple syrup. Savory and sweet? You’ll love the waffle & whiskey- make SURE to add the egg & pork belly (worth it)!

Other favorite dishes include the soft egg scramble with bacon, spinach, and gruyere, the egg and cheese sandwich with soft scrambled eggs and avocado, or the vegan has served with russets, brussels, tempeh, onions, and peppers. Rye does a fantastic job accommodating vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free diets. 

I love this local spot for its delicious food and beautiful aesthetic. They often have a wait for their weekend brunch so go in early! Be sure to also check out their lunch menu for the truffled mac n cheese or the house banh mi. Thank you, Rye Diner & Drinks- we can’t wait to come back!

Rye Diner & Drinks (239 South 500 East, Salt Lake City, UT // 801.364.4655)

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  1. I’ve read your article last week and I had to go there yesterday. Thanks for making me hungry after looking these beautiful pictures. Great place! Everyone should check it out!