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I am stoked out of my mind to tell you about Shirokuma, and just in time for summer! This cute little place sells snow cream – shaved ice that has the beautiful, fluffy texture of snow. Remember when you were a kid, and you would eat the fresh snow outside, and it really didn’t taste like anything but it still made you feel happy inside? This is like that, only it tastes so much better!

I had the incredible opportunity to live in Taiwan for a time (a little island off the coast of China), which is where I was first introduced to snow cream. It really just is shaved ice, but well beyond the little ice pellets that don’t seem to hold the flavor once you suck it off. Snow cream is packed with flavor, unlike those snow cone stands that drown syrup all over the ice. There are so many flavors of snow cream to choose from, such as chocolate, coconut, mango, matcha and (my personal favorite) taro. It’s syrup free and feels more like ice-cream, even though it’s not ice-cream. Tricky.

Similar to other ice cream places, after selecting your flavor of snow cream, here comes the toppings. Shirokuma has many selections to choose from: strawberries, pineapple, mango, lychee, pocky sticks, sweetened condensed milk, sweet red beans, mini mochi, popping pearls, etc. It really is the most difficult decisions you’ll make for the day.

As pictured above, my sister and I tried the coconut snow cream, topped with strawberries, mango, mochi, sweetened condensed milk and lychee. It was really delicious. The fruit mixed wonderfully with the snow cream, and everything tasted fresh. The other flavor featured here is the chocolate snow cream, with mochi, strawberries, and yummy chocolate crisp sticks. Again, the snow cream was smooth and flavorful, while the toppings complimented everything perfectly.

Now here’s the surprise: Shirokuma doesn’t just offer Taiwanese snow cream! Also available is this delicious Hong Kong treat, the bubble waffle. What is a bubble waffle, you may ask? The name is pretty self-explanatory. It tastes like a warm waffle, but it has bubbles instead of compressed squares. Shirokuma offers three flavors of bubble waffle: original, chocolate chip, and mochi. Personally, the chocolate chip bubble waffle is the way to go, especially when it’s topped with strawberries, cream, powdered sugar, and chocolate syrup. It is absolutely warm and tasty! I know it’s hot outside, but this warm treat is too good to pass up.

If you have never experienced  yummy Asian desserts, Shirokuma is your chance! It’s absolutely adorable and made me feel like I stepped back into Taiwan.
The environment is welcoming and cute.

The decor is bright and fun. I really do love this place and am dying to introduce it to everyone.

Every time I have been to Shirokuma, I have been helped and welcomed by this wonderful lady, Brittany. She is simply darling. Her husband and his two partners started Shirokuma in West Valley, and are hoping to open a location in Salt Lake City soon. Brittany is wonderful to talk to, an absolute sweetheart, and genuine in making sure that her customers are cared for and have a good experience. She makes really good bubble waffles too, so if she’s there, request that she makes it for you. Made with love!

Shiro Kuma Snow Cream

$$$$ Desserts, Waffles, Shaved Snow

2843 S 5600 W STE 120, West Valley City, UT 84120 801-251-0134

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