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 There really are just days (maybe too many days for me) where I just want to eat my feelings a good burger and big chocolate malt. Cheesy Jane’s has been in the neighborhood for about 15 years and also has a roaming food truck that can be found all over the city. This food staple is probably one of the oldest I can remember in my life, having had many chocolate malts with my dad who’s also a big fan of the greasy, sweet/salty combo. It’s nice to find restaurants that aren’t just good, but also connect you with memories. It was a bit nostalgic taking my kids here for their first chocolate malt – if anything I love to instill good healthy addictions into my babes 😉

 There malts and shakes are served with the tin which basically means you get 2, which is perfect if you happen to have others with you, which I did. Being a nice mom and sharing is a little easier to do in this scenario. Onion rings are hot, crunchy and well seasoned. While they’re a perfect compliment to a burger and shake, they’re pretty satisfying all on their own. Not a single thing wrong with the fries either. It just all fits so well on your palate: meaty, cheesy burger, hot, salty, crunchy fry, wash down with swig of shake. repeat. repeat. repeat.

There menu has a handful of great burger options both simple and with a few random side kicks. The chili-cheese burger smothers mustard, onions, chili and cheese on your beef which just kind of takes the burger or chili dog debate out of commission forever. Their pecos burger has cheese, BBQ sauce and is piled high with splinters – battered and fried onion and jalapeño slivers. Crunchy, spicy heaven my Texas friends. And the bean burger covers the frito pie + burger craving, a grilled patty with refried beans, cheddar cheese, fritos, onions and fresh salsa. They win the award for covering the most cravings in one meal I think.

If you’re just too undecided on what to get, go for the baby Jane sampler – 3 different mini burgers that will make sure you leave having hit the spot. And don’t forget the chocolate malt!

Cheesy Jane’s (4200 Broadway @ Hildebrand // (210) 826-0800)

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