Whoos DonutsSince we’re from Southern California and all (which seems like a land of a never ending supply of donut shops), we had to see if there were any donut shops in Santa Fe worth visiting during our stay. We found out there was one (one!!), Whoo’s Donuts, and it closed at 3pm for the day (it was 2:15). We hurried over and found they still had quite a variety to choose from, and at marked down prices since it was the end of they day! I loved that they had flavors that you would only find in Santa Fe, like their Blue Corn Blueberry Lavender, Blue Corn Mango Habanero, Red Chili Bacon Toffee Bit, and more, as well as the more traditional flavors. The donuts are made fresh daily, and at the end of the day, whatever donuts are unsold are donated to one of several organizations that feed the hungry or homeless.

I went with a Blue Corn Blueberry Lavender, Raspberry Filled, and Chai Glazed, while my husband got a Cherry Cheesecake, Cinnamon Swirl, and an Apple Cider donut. Each one was soo tasty in it’s own way, my favorite being the Blue Corn Blueberry Lavender. I loved the slightly crunchy texture the corn flour gave the donut, and the glaze was perfectly sweet. We had a great time eating our donuts & talking to the shop keeper. Can’t wait for our next visit to Santa Fe, and to get more Whoo’s Donuts!

Whoos DonutsWhoos DonutsWhoos Donuts Whoos Donuts Whoos Donuts Whoos DonutsWhoos DonutsWhoo’s Donuts (851-B Cerrillos Street, Santa Fe, NM // 505.629.1678)