Female Foodie Milwaukee: Sheridan'sFemale Foodie Milwaukee: Sheridan'sFemale Foodie Milwaukee: Sheridan'sFemale Foodie Milwaukee: Sheridan'sNestled near the shores of Lake Michigan lies the most adorable little boutique hotel and cafe that you will ever lay eyes on.

  One morning last summer, I was introduced to Sheridan’s when my best friend’s mom brought us there for breakfast.  That was certainly not the last they saw of me!  I had driven past so many times before, but had surprisingly never walked in!  Little did I know, five minutes from my home, was quaint and cozy eatery with a menu of delicious sandwiches, salads, and breakfast options.  They have a full-service cocktail and espresso bar as well, in case you’re in need a little pick-me-up!

Female Foodie Milwaukee: Sheridan'sFemale Foodie Milwaukee: Sheridan'sFemale Foodie Milwaukee: Sheridan'sFemale Foodie Milwaukee: Sheridan'sSeeing as I’ve visited this restaurant on countless occasions within somewhat of a short period of time, you betcha I have an all-time fave!  The mushroom quiche is probably the best quiche you can find around here.  I might sound like I’m exaggerating, but I promise I have my reasoning!  Make any kind of egg bake and I’m an instant fan – frittatas,  quiches, you name it.  The reason I’m obsessed with the mushroom quiche at Sheridan’s is because of the boursin cheese melted into every bite.  Pairing this particular cheese with chives and mixed mushrooms in a quiche was simply a match made in heaven!

It’s not ooey gooey or anything, but trust me, you can taste its presence.  On top of that, I tend to judge a good quiche partially on how much I enjoy the crust.  I can’t stand a soggy crust.  At Sheridan’s, their house-made crust that is crispy and flaky til the end.  Just the way I like it!  With this dish, you get a side of breakfast potatoes or hash browns (I chose their exquisitely seasoned breakfast potatoes) and a bright and flavorful petite balsamic salad.

Female Foodie Milwaukee: Sheridan'sFemale Foodie Milwaukee: Sheridan'sNow, I personally think every single thing about Sheridan’s is cute, but did you see those bunnies?  So cute I had to try one, obviously.  These were homemade Peeps!  They tasted very similar to your traditional Peeps, but I could sense a stronger hint of vanilla within the marshmallow.  Loved them!

Female Foodie Milwaukee: Sheridan'sFemale Foodie Milwaukee: Sheridan'sIMG_2542In addition to the quiche, we ordered the Eggs Sheridan, which was their version of an Eggs Benedict.  In my opinion, it seemed to be a lighter version of the usual breakfast favorite.  Two poached eggs were rested on a baguette instead of an English muffin with prosciutto instead of Canadian bacon.

  Instead of the usual hollandaise, there was a delicious traditional béarnaise.   Béarnaise is generally a sauce made of butter that is thickened with egg yolks, cut with vinegar, and flavored with herbs like tarragon and black pepper.  The braised greens added a bit of freshness!

So if you are ever looking for a quiet spot to enjoy a delicious brunch, Sheridan’s is the place to be!  The staff is marvelous, the dishes are unique, and dare I say it again…it’s delightfully cute!  And even though I live obnoxiously close, I am dying to stay in the attached boutique hotel!  I’m sure each of the twelve rooms are as adorable as the cafe below.

Female Foodie Milwaukee: Sheridan'sFemale Foodie Milwaukee: Sheridan'sSheridan’s (5133 S Lake Drive, Cudahy, WI // 414.747.9800)