Female Foodie: Sidecar DoughnutsThe fluffiest, freshest doughnuts you’ll ever find. Promise. Sidecar is located on 17th Street, which could be considered Costa Mesa’s “Main Street,” off to the side in an inconspicuous shopping center. Walking in you’re greeted with classy decor and carefully arranged delicious looking doughnuts behind glass.

Female Foodie: Sidecar Doughnuts They make the doughnuts fresh every hour of the day that they’re open, so you’re not getting any stale donies here! I’ve tried nearly all of their flavors (they have over a dozen different flavors each day), so today I decided to go with the tried and true madagascar vanilla twist and a salty caramel.

Female Foodie: Sidecar Doughnuts They’ve also created their own blend of Sidecar Coffee with Stumptown beans, which pairs excellently with the doughnuts! This spot is a must if you are anywhere within a 50-mile radius of Costa Mesa (or Santa Monica, as they’ve just opened a second location there!). Enjoy!

Female Foodie: Sidecar DoughnutsSidecar Doughnuts (270 East 17th Street #18, Costa Mesa // 949.873.5424)

Photos & Writing: Amanda Proudfit
Southern California Female Foodie