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Before I headed to Portland earlier this month, I spent weeks researching the absolute best restaurants and foodie spots in town, because heaven forbid I waste a meal during my precious time in PDX. Portland has evolved into an incredible food-centric city, bursting with great restaurants on every corner.

And although I did find a lot of good things online, one of the best resources I had was a handy list of recommendations from my friend Holly over at The Modern Proper. Holly and I met at the International Food Blogger’s Conference in Seattle last fall, and believe me when I tell you that she has taste you can trust.

Anyway. After compiling a master list of places and verifying those recommendations with Holly’s list, I still needed to have her final say on what the BEST pizza in town was.

One of her favorites- Sizzle Pie. I remember seeing one of their several locations last time we visited Portland a few years ago just across the street from Powell’s Books and wondering how sizzling the pie really was.

When I first arrived in Portland I was consumed in a day full of last minute errands for the retreat I was hosting that weekend including grocery shopping, picking up goodies for participant swag bags, and mapping out the entire weekend. What I did not anticipate, was coincidentally driving by a Sizzle Pie just as my stomach started rumbling around lunch time. Heck yes. 

Sizzle Pie is the epitome of a GREAT pizza by the slice joint. It’s fast, no frills, and absolutely delicious. When you go for the first time you can expect to be greeted by friendly employees serving up large slices of thin crust pizza, heated to order.

Some of Sizzle Pie’s more popular flavors include Spiral Tap, The Ol’ Dirty, and Raising Arizona- but their menu is constantly changing depending on what’s available and you really can’t go wrong. I asked the friendly man at the counter what one should order on their first visit to Sizzle Pie and was happy when he suggested the Police and Thieves, a slice of pie with spinach and mushrooms (my fav).

Delicious, thin crust pizza by a joint that you can find on practically every corner. If you’re a pizza aficionado like me and want a good, quick slice next time you’re in PDX, make sure to stop by Sizzle Pie for a savory slice of satisfaction.

Death to false pizza.

Sizzle Pie (Locations in Eugene, Portland, and Seattle)

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