Salt Lake City: SOMI Vietnamese Bistro

SOMI Vietnamese Bistro in Sugarhouse has been on my radar ever since they recently opened next to Spitz (one of our absolute favvvvv restaurants).  I’m a huge fan of Vietnamese food, especially after taking a trip there a couple of years ago. I love the flavors, noodles, spices, & spring rolls, and could literally eat Vietnamese every day. So when I saw this new addition to the southeastern asian restaurant scene in SLC I was pretty excited.

When you visit SOMI Vietnamese Bistro you’ll notice the incredibly friendly service, clean and bright ambiance, and great location (just tucked behind Whole Foods, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Petco). My favorite foodie friend Leslie and I took a seat on their patio and our server immediately fired away at her favorite house dishes. I was excited to hear that one of her recommendations was the SOMI sliders because love love (double love) pork belly sliders. And theirs are topped with cilantro, scallions, and a hoisin sauce that will make you want to melt- the warm, asian comfort food kind of melt.

We took the house recommendations for every part of our meal, and continued with the crispy spring rolls. They were just as delicious as they look! Crispy on the outside, warm on the inside and filled with ground pork, onions, mushrooms, taro, and carrots. Complete with a tangy asian dipping sauce to seal the deal.

Next up was the grilled short rib vermicelli. These marinated short ribs were served with lettuce, bean sprouts, cucumber, vermicelli noodles, pickled daikon, carrots, and served with a small side of cut up spring rolls (a great dish if you’re wanting to try both!). We absolutely loved the combination of fresh vegetables, flavorful short rib, and the soft and silky vermicelli noodles. The vermicelli dishes are perfect for sharing as an appetizer or ordering as an entree.

The main star of the event, was SOMI Vietnamese Bistro’s Shaking Beef, otherwise known as Bo Luc Lac. This Wok-seared filet mignon was melt in your mouth delicious. I’m typically not one to order such a hearty serving of red meat, but this Shaking Beef was so flavorful and tender that I had to keep myself from not inhaling the entire plate in one sitting. #manners

And last but not least, we ended our incredible Vietnamese meal with warm fried bananas served with vanilla ice cream, fresh berries, and chocolate sauce. Our final thoughts on this Vietnamese Bistro? Delicious. While most of our popular Vietnamese restaurants in Salt Lake City tend to be divey and more of your “hole in wall” type places, SOMI Vietnamese Bistro offers a clean, upscale alternative with all of the classics and some innovative and exciting new dishes. Thank you SOMI- we can’t wait to come back!

SOMI Vietnamese Bistro (1215 E. Wilmington Ave, Salt Lake City, UT // 385.322.1158)

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