Kansas City: SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza

If any of you’ve seen the most recent Bachelor, (*SPOILER*) you know that Ben (the sweat ball) picked Lauren (the basic white girl). But, one of our favorite quotes throughout the entire show (though there were many) was when Lauren told Ben that he was “her person.” My husband and I jokingly say it to each other now and seriously say it to each other too. And though he definitely is my person, I might also say that pizza is my person too. (Don’t tell him I said that!)

Now, that being said, within my first week here, I hunted down a pizza place that I would like–just to make sure this moving to Kansas City thing was going to be okay. And, chances had it that when we discovered Glacé (my favorite place to eat in the city), we also discovered Spin.

Spin is a great little joint with many different benefits hidden throughout. Not only do they sell really great pizza, but they also sell gelato and a huge variety of wines. I made sure to go back as soon as I had the opportunity, which turned up just a couple of weeks ago.

I was absolutely starving, out-of-my-mind hungry because I hadn’t eaten anything that day and it was two in the afternoon- I had just dropped my husband off to get knee surgery and I was a little rattled by that too, so the pizza was a marvelous, wonderful, couldn’t-have-been-timed better miracle. And besides, what would you do for the 2 hours you have to wait for your husband to get out of surgery? Eat pizza is the answer.

The pizza is absolutely scrumptious. There’s no doubt about it. SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza has lots of great options, even a shrimp scampi pizza, but I opted for the classic margherita because you can always tell how good a pizza is when you get the classic, no-frills option. It’s such exceptional pizza.

One of my favorite things about this pizza is the sauce. I’m all about the sauce in my pizza. If there isn’t enough sauce, I’m not going to like the pizza (I’m looking at you, Dominos.). But SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza uses just the right amount of sauce and it has just the most wonderful, sweet, tomato-ey flavor. The crust is magnificent and I hear that they have a great gluten-free crust. Though the margherita pizza is always a classic, I can’t wait for next time to try another flavor–they have tons of great options like the prosciutto & spinaci & fig marmalade, shrimp scampi, and salsicca con mela (sausage & apples).

After getting my fill of pizza, which was much more than I’ll ever admit to, I decided to splurge on a gelato, as I hadn’t tried anything from there, let alone seen the flavors. And again, my socks were blown off from the flavors. Nothing extravagant, but still delicious, featuring simple flavors like tiramisu, blueberry cookie, and white chocolate raspberry (which I ended up going with). They also send you off with a cookie on top, which was super fun and yummy. Spin is a super solid pizza option in KC and one that I would definitely recommend. Trust me: pizza is my person.

SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza (4950 Main St, Kansas City, MO // 816.561.7746)

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