Lake Tahoe: Sprouts CafeDissecting a resort town and really digging out the good eats is tougher than it seems. After going back and forth between different foodie apps, suggestions on my Instagram page, and Google, I still seemed to be going nowhere. After we got situated in Tahoe South this morning, I went on a mission to accumulate a local’s list of the BEST eats in Tahoe. Sans the Urbanspoon and Trip Advisor.

Lake Tahoe: Sprouts Cafe Why so much attitude? The foodie scenes in a resort town like Tahoe tend to be incredibly nostalgic. And don’t get me wrong. I 100% know where this is coming from. Example: there’s a pretty mediocre pizza joint in Bountiful, UT (my hometown). The establishment shall remain nameless. There is *nothing* spectacular about this pizza and I wouldn’t DREAM about sharing it on Female Foodie. But we’ve gotten takeout with them for years, and will continue to do so until the end of time.

We order their large pizzas for monday night football, a quick family dinner, and always the night before Thanksgiving. It’s just our place.

Lake Tahoe: Sprouts Cafe My point? The restaurants in Tahoe have nothing but that same sentimental value xs 100. Because regardless of the quality, people have been coming to these same spots (good or bad) since their father and their father’s father vacationed here. And that’s just where they eat. I may or may not have gotten some *key* information from a realtor I ran into while on my quest. She gave me her locals list and Sprouts (also recommended by a couple of peeps on Instagram) was on it.

Lake Tahoe: Sprouts CafeMy meal here was fresh, flavorful, and (not surprisingly) came with sprouts. The cashier recommended his favorite breakfast special: open faced toasted bagel with avocado, tomato, red onion, melted monterey jack cheese, steamed free range eggs (instead of the egg salad it usually comes with), sprouts, salsa, guacamole, and green onions. I also tried a their one of their fresh squeezed juices with kale, spinach, apple, and ginger.

Yums. Loved this little joint. Wish me luck on my quest.

Sprouts Cafe (3123 Harrison Ave // 530.541.6969)