Milwaukee: Story Hill BKC

Welcome to Story Hill BKC, where the BKC stands for bottle, kitchen, and cup. I had the pleasure of experiencing the “kitchen” aspect of this lovely establishment, and was impressed with every bite. In fact, my mom is STILL talking about the smoked lentil puree on the avocado toast we ordered. I feel like it’s kind of uncommon to find a brunch menu that is served every day “all day” (not really) from 11am-2pm. That, along with the “Upper Midwest” inspired dishes, was more than enough to lure me in!

I think I’ve found my new favorite soup in their chicken jalapeño. Fresh corn, masa dumplings, baby kale, and fresh avocado. I would describe it as an elevated chicken and dumpling soup. It was super flavorful and had a nice little bite to it!

The avocado added a little bit of creaminess. It wasn’t too heavy either, so it would be a good starter dish. This chicken jalapeño soup is on their regular menu.

The HUGE house special crêpe was also a winner for us! It was filled with smoked Berkshire loin bacon (similar to ham, I thought), baby kale, onion marmalade, and the best part – Clock Shadow Quark, which is a locally sourced ingredient. It’s a soft and spreadable German cheese that made all the difference. I told my mom as we were eating that I could easily eat a whole crêpe filled with simply the quark!

The crêpe was topped with baked eggs and the kale was on the side.

And finally, the fabulous avocado toast. Since we are always making our own version of avocado toast at home, we figured this one was worth a try. It had smoked lentil puree spread on rustic toast and was topped with the sliced avocado, radish, olive oil, and sea salt. This one put our homemade version to shame! We loved that they include so many locally sourced ingredients on their reasonably priced menu. Great atmosphere and excellent experience- I will for sure return for another visit!

  Story Hill BKC (5100 W Bluemound Road, Milwaukee, WI // 414.539.4424)

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