Sundance Resort: The Tree Room

The beautiful Tree Room. This gorgeous restaurant has a special place in my heart, and it’s not just for the food. The Tree Room is where Cody and I ate just before he asked me to marry him. It was Earth Day (April 22). I was living up Provo Canyon at the time and was completely oblivious to his proposal plans once we pulled into Sundance.

We started our meal at The Tree Room with two appetizers. The Elk Sausage (black farro, kale, butternut squash, grainy mustard chicken jus) and the Little Gem Wedge (prosciutto, deviled quail egg, avocado, maytag blue cheese). For entrees, Cody enjoyed the Tree Room Pepper Steak, a dish that’s been on their menu for 30+ years and was served with silted spinach, buttermilk mashed potatoes, and mango chutney. My pick was the Roasted Lamb Loin, served with gnocchi, maitake mushrooms, salsify, and black truffle lamb jus.

Dessert was a supernal berry and creme concoction of sorts. We left this meal with our palates to the sky, said hello to Robert Redford on the way out (truth), and decided to take a walk.

Still completely oblivious and enjoying my evening immensely. We came to an absolutely gorgeous nook off a walking path that showcased a small river (do we call that a stream?), lots of pines, and conveniently had a bench sitting right at the foot of this view point. The rest of this moment is a blur, but what I do remember is a mix of kissing, laughing, and turning my shoulder to see Cody on his knee.

It was beautiful, intimate, and one of the sweetest memories I have. We’ll be married in 15 days and I couldn’t be moreimpatienticantpossiblywaitadaylonger more thrilled. LYTTMAB, Codes.

The Tree Room (8841 Alpine Loop Scenic Byway, Sundance, UT // 801.223.4200)

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