IMG_1037Female Foodie Milwaukee: SwigFemale Foodie Milwaukee: SwigI’ve always loved small plates. The idea of choosing multiple things off of a menu to try and share with the rest of your table is such a fun idea to me. It makes it easier to recommend a restaurant if I’ve tried more than one thing from their menu! This time, I visited Swig. It’s one of those restaurants in the Historic Third Ward that still showcases the rustic Cream City brick interior of the building, but uses modern décor to create a cozy yet chic feel.

Female Foodie Milwaukee: SwigFemale Foodie Milwaukee: SwigFemale Foodie Milwaukee: SwigWe ordered three small plates- definitely enough for lunch for two. The first was an old favorite of ours, the black bean cakes. These were topped with cilantro sour cream, scallions, and had salsa on the side.

They were crispy on the outside, moist and flavorful on the inside. Our server informed us that Swig has recently updated their menu, so I’m glad they decided to keep these delicious little bean cakes!

Female Foodie Milwaukee: SwigFemale Foodie Milwaukee: SwigThe wonton-wrapped chicken curry plate was a game changer. These crisp wontons were filled with chicken, queso blanco, walnuts, and golden raisins. They were complemented perfectly by their cucumber yogurt. I’m glad we chose this dish because it was the most filling of the three things we ordered.

Female Foodie Milwaukee: SwigFemale Foodie Milwaukee: SwigFinally, we had the seared scallops which were laid in a curry parsnip puree. They were also drizzled in a mushroom au jus, scallions, and dried cranberries.

The scallops themselves were tender and buttery.

We had a great visit to Swig that left us wanting to come back for more!

Female Foodie Milwaukee: SwigSwig (217 N Broadway, Milwaukee, WI // 414.431.7944)