Female Foodie Las Vegas: Tacos El GordoFemale Foodie Las Vegas: Tacos El Gordo Tacos El Gordo not only came with the highest of recommendations for Mexican food in Las Vegas, but proved to be my favorite new place during our entire 3-day vacation! If you’re looking for an inexpensive, authentic place for delicious, finger-licking Mexican food, this Tijuana born and bred taqueria is 100% up your alley. It isn’t unusual for me to share with my readers on social media when I travel and it’s *definitely* not out of place for me to ask the Female Foodie community for recommendations!

Female Foodie Las Vegas: Tacos El GordoFemale Foodie Las Vegas: Tacos El GordoI usually end up here every spring to watch my college basketball team in the Pac 12 tournament (made it to the championship game, may or may not have got demolished by 31 points at the championship game on Friday letsnottalkaboutit) and absolutely thrive on the foodie scene. Let’s face it, Las Vegas is good for three things and three things only: 1) warm weather, 2) free parking EVERYWHERE, and 3) an incredible, innovative, plentiful foodie scene with more great dining options than you can possibly get your hands on. I have my small list of favorites but was determined to add to that list. Tacos El Gordo is now indefinitely on there and it’ll be my privilege to now explain to you why.

Female Foodie Las Vegas: Tacos El GordoFemale Foodie Las Vegas: Tacos El GordoWhen you first walk into their doors, expect to see nothing but utter (and delicious) chaos- which is exactly what my friends and I witnessed.

There was nothing but loud Spanish, hot pans and giant griddles cooking all sorts of Mexican concoctions and three distinguished lines: one for pork, one for beef, and one for tongue/stomach/beefbrains/notkidding. We divided and conquered, ordered WAY too much food, and came out with three full trays of beautiful authentic Mexican deliciousness. The hot items at Tacos El Gordo are the tacos, quesadillas, and mulas.

Female Foodie Las Vegas: Tacos El Gordo    The tacos were simple- flavorful, delectable, juicy tacos. We recommend the tacos el pastor (spit-fire roasted pork infused with Mexican seasoning and pineapple juice) and to eat them with all of the “fixings”. Be sure to capitalize on their fresh delicious bucket of lime wedges. The quesadilla, surprisingly, is the item pictured with a soft flour tortilla base and a crunchy chip-like tortilla topping a plethora of ingredients including Mexican cheese, meat, and fresh salsa. We highly recommend trying this with the carne asada (steak). And last but not least, we loved sharing a couple of mulas. Actually what appeared to be more quesadilla-ish to me, and also had incredible flavor. Meat, cheese, and fresh toppings on a double corn tortilla. Incredible spot just 20 minutes from the strip with Mexican food that’s quite literally to die for. Muchas gracias, Tacos El Gordo, we can hardly wait to come back!

Female Foodie Las Vegas: Tacos El GordoTacos El Gordo (1724 East Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV // 702.251.8226)